Saturday, July 4, 2009

We've Moved has gotten a face lift. All future blogs will be posted there.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Cambodia Update

God is everywhere. I feel Him on the streets of Siem Reap, Cambodia just as powerful as I feel him in the sanctuary of our church. He is all powerful and over everything that exists. Yet He is humble and willing to be servant of the least. So patient, as we run like mad men away from his perfect grace. He is all sufficient as we struggle in our deepest human need. There is nothing He cannot do and no one He cannot love. Not one person escapes the piercing gaze of His eyes like fire.

We're seeing Him move in the nation of Cambodia. We've met poor farmers that have absolutely nothing, and their lives are being changed. The work that Food for the Hungry is doing is completely transformational. They don't just mow over problems that will grow back a year later. They're not just driving up in a white truck and solving people's problems for them. The thing that's blown us away is that they empower the local people to fix their own problems with their own resources. Of course these people need some assistance, but they shouldn't have to rely on an NGO to meet all of their needs. God is their supplier and FH is teaching people this through savings groups, agricultural training, child development, education, biblical teaching, and a lot more.

Through the power of God, and a lot of hard work, the FH staff is up rooting the attack of the enemy that has existed here for hundreds of years.

I've got a question for you and would love some honest feedback. What do you think the role of an non-profit should be? Hand outs only? Or complete community transformation?

Thanks for your prayers as we continue our journey. Next stop... Bangladesh. It's very different than Cambodia, and we're so excited to see the work God is doing there.

Thanks for reading.

-jack and all the leeland boys

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Every Moment an Offering

We're really enjoying our time in Japan. And I feel God speaking to me so much. There is a huge world out there with so many people. 12 million in Tokyo alone. So many lives. I begin to think of all the moments that can be wasted.

How do you waste your life?

I believe that any minute not lived unto God is for naught. Evaporated time. This isn't legalism, it's just an awareness that the only life worth living is one that is bathed in God's spirit. When I iron my shirt I want to worship. When I'm pumping gas, when I sing a song, holding my wife's hand, flying in a plane, preaching, writing, laughing with my family, changing a diaper. I believe it's possible for all of this to be wrapped in the simplicity of God's presence.

Jesus did it. He was normal and not normal all at once. He had sweat glands and a belly button just like you and me. He was tempted and attacked. He had to do things that required money and lived in a material society. There was major potential for stress in His life. All of these things were just opportunities for Him to surrender more and more to His Father.

Why don't you try giving every moment as an offering to God? Don't make it another law to live by... just realize that it can become like breathing. I breathe naturally because it's second nature. This is where grace comes in. It has changed our nature. Adam excluded God in the small things, but through the life of Jesus we can now live to INCLUDE God in everything. We can make every moment an offering.


Tokyo, Japan

Hey Leeland bloggers. Here's a few pix from our day in Japan. The people are just amazing here. There is a very strong but small group of believers here, that are so hungry to see their nation come to God. They have the love Jesus written all over their faces. It's so cool. I can't wait for the concert tomorrow. Right in the heart of Shibuya-Tokyo. We're praying for God to move in a HUGE way! The Christians here need a lot of encouragement and support and the unbelievers need to hear an amazing message. Tomorrow we'll post a video from our time here. Then off to Cambodia! Going to sleep now. -jack