Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vlog 2

Fairs are the most random places in the world. Spider lady? Turkey shooting? Amazing...



Friday, October 24, 2008

At the fair in Raleigh...

So we're in North Carolina at the state fair. We're opening for Skillet tonight and we had a little hang out time on the grounds. There's always the most amazing food choices at these fairs. We had fun walking around and then me and Leeland got a funnel cake and split it. Funnel cakes are just so darn good! Oh... and matt rode a mechanical bull and it was a total failure. It didn't go over well.

I'm really tired because we woke up at 5am and drove six hours to get here. I need to find some coffee somewhere. Much love!


ps. we'll post a video later.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Breakfast in Newfoundland... Dinner in Houston

3,600 miles of travel today. We woke up this morning had breakfast in Gander, NL.... lead worship at YC and then got on three flights back to Houston. We just had dinner at Pappasito's with our families. (If you haven't had their fajita's please come to Texas for them.. it's worth the trip!) It was a wonderful weekend in the beautiful island of Newfoundland. It's the province where Irish, French, and British descentdants have morphed together to make real treasure of a place. Everyone was so kind and hospitable to us. We can't wait to back. And appartentley they taught pirates how to to talk really cool the way Jack Sparrow does.

It all made for a wonderful weekend at YC 2008. The kids in the crowd were amazing and sought after God with us. God's presence was so evident and the worship was so pure and genuine. We loved it!

Some random travel pictures from our journey to Newfoundland...

Security line... 5am!



made it!

mike's happy!

Also... Marcus went hunting and they got a Moose! Look how big this things is! All that meat should feed some people for a long time. Sorry... we're typical Texans.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chair Soccer

So... we have a project for you. Get creative... two normal things that make an awesome thing. Thoughts???


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top Secret

Ok... so I don't know if I'm supposed to be talking about this or not. These things are usually kept top secret and you have to have CIA credentials to be "in the know"... well forget all that for now. I'm giving everybody some CIA credentials! YAY! Imagine you have bio technology... cool finger print access to the confidential Leeland music chronicles... of the world. Ok enough of that.

Leeland and I came up to Nashville for a day to do some writing for the next record (release date undetermined). We finished a song that turned out really really good! We have a million ideas and are trying to fix them all up real nice for all of ya'll. The whole process of making a record is pretty long so let's say we're in the creative dreaming stage right now... and we're so excited!

It's probably way too early to be mentioning all of this, but I had to let you know. Be praying for us as we seek God for the songs. You guys know how we are... and we don't just want to throw a bunch of tunes together for the sake of making a record. And I promise as long as our band is around that will never happen! We commit to giving massive amounts of time, energy, sweat, prayer, tears, and effort into making this music. Because God is worth all of it. He's amazing.

I can't say much right now (remember...this is all top secret of course) but It's going to be a big amazing record that glorifies God. Woooo hooooo!!!

The video below is Lee writing a random idea that might get lost into space or might materialize into an actual song one day... who knows. Any one want to come up with some shnazzy name for it?

Me and Lee are at our gate about to board the plane. He's saying hello to everyone right now as he's drinking his hot chocolate from Starbucks. Now it's off to meet up with the guys and we're flying to Newfoundland... it's going to be way too cold for the Texas boys.



Friday, October 3, 2008

On the road again...

Well folks, sorry it's been so quiet on our blog the past few days. We've had a much needed two week break. Any ways, we're back on the road again, all packed in the van driving through Baltimore right now. We just had an amazing time at the Harvest Crusade in Philidelphia and we're on our way to Charlotte, NC. I think we're going to get a hotel around 1am or so and get a few hours of sleep before we get back on the road tomorrow morning.

Leeland's been showing us amazing youtube videos. Mike has been looking ways to play soccer. Jake's been talking about gun rights. Matt's been the DJ with the iPod in the van. And I've been reading stuff about the election.

Matt meets George Washington and doesn't know what to say...

Mike playing some football...

Jake and Mike saw Joe Biden at our hotel.

I'll post a video from our weekend soon. The guys send their love.