Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chair Soccer

So... we have a project for you. Get creative... two normal things that make an awesome thing. Thoughts???



Ellie Monaco said...

that looks like alot of fun!! phhhhease.... come to portland oregon soon. i don't think you've been here in a while... or ever.

GcbGirl said...

wow... chair soccer. Who would have thought it could be done? Ha ha... glad you guys are having fun!!!

Let me think a bit longer on 2 things that make an awesome one...

God bless you guys!

(P.S. Come back to Capital when you get the chance!!! We all miss you so much!)


Mona said...

Are you guys OFF YOUR ROCKERS???

KCROX said...


that was awesome. I don't know why anyone hasn't done this before. It certainly is original!!!!

Bekka said...

Wow.As much as I love playing real soccer which is dangerous.This looks even more dangerous.Oh my goodness like knowing me I get hit in the face instead of the stomach with the ball.It did look like fun but not as much fun as killing defenders and the goalie.Muhaha.I am an evil offense player.I knocked down a girl who was three times my size and landed on her.My soccer nickname:
The Killer

Jasmine said...

Oh my gosh I saw this video yesterday and then went out with my friends and we helped at a banquet at a firehouse and there were some spinny chairs and we played chair soccer!!! it was SO fun guys. thanks for sharing!

<3 <3 Jasmine

Margaret said...

incredibly awesome thing! right on!

Kenzie said...

slip n' slides...and dish soap.

Dolly said...

watch out for those toes! other than that, roll with it! woo!

2 normal things that make an awesome one:
church service + alter call = SALVATION!

desperate4Him said...

hair. soccer.

i love you guys.

ya'll are downright insane, fun and extremely talented.

have you ever tried brooms and empty soda cans?

soda hockey =)

godsgirlie05 said...

that is amazing. we play something somewhat similar to that at our youth group "lock in" every year. it is called human fusball though. you set up chairs in the same order a fuseball table is set up, and you're not supposed to be able to move the chairs, but everyone always does, and you just have to try to score in the other teams goals. its really fun!

taissa said...

haha, I loved it! such blessed guys. :D

Oliverz said...

Thats rad guys,
I wanna try it.

Sarah said...

Looked fun!

It does, however, seem like too small of a space to have as much fun as you could with it. Good job on containing yourselves though. I am glad no walls (or any of you) got hurt!

I will have to think on two ordinary things that together as as much fun as your idea...hmm...


tsuanthony said...

new innovation i c here :P

elizabeth d. said...

getting bouncy balls and bouncing them as high as you can get them to go... this is especially super fun in a gym where the ceilings are really high!!!!!! and then have a contest and see who can bounce theirs the highest. or it would be fun to play dodgeball with them. or just bounce em around everywhere and see how many you can get going at once. anything with bouncy balls are fun.

elizabeth davis

GcbGirl said...

ok, so I already posted.. still haven't thought of 2 normal things to make one awesome one, but since I liked it so much, I just wanted to say that FireProof was GREAT!!! I saw it just last night! He he, I heard brighter days on that. Ok, so that's what I wanted to basically say... that if you haven't seen it yet, go see FireProof soon!!!

Alicia said...

Geez Lee, your such a ball hog!! I'm pretty sure Chair soccer will become an extreme Olympic sport someday ;p

the super secret is safe with me (unless i give everyone i kno CIA credentials too...bwa ha ha!) i'll ponder on the name, but until then pleez keep postin the ideas =] love you guys, may God bless and keep you safe, peace!

Pilgrim Worship Band said...


Wow! Awesome idea! Chairs can be useful! We have a YouTube video called: "Chair Tuner (Guitar Tuner)", a drum chair can work as a perfect C# tuner! So chairs are cool!

God bless and come to Spokane!

>>>...Mane said...

Muy chistoso!!!
Ya veo como se divierten eh!!!
Aprovecho de darle las gracia a DIOS por ustedes.
Han sido de gran bendición en mi vida cristiana, als letars de sus canciones sobre todo "Tear of the saints" me ha hecho erflexionar sobre el rol que tenemos como hijos de DIOS.
Además doy gracias a DIOS por levantar un grupo como ustedes, "Leeland!, que llegan a cierto tipo de jóvenes.
Les ánimo a que sigan adelante!!!
Sigan creiciendo en DIOS!!!
We stand in Christ!!!
Saludos desde Santiago de Chile

Bethany Cloherty said...

hmmm well that music was pretty cool. so i think you may need two normal things and 1 extraordinary thing for it to reach that level of awesomeness.

Paula said...

I'll have to show my husband this...
Maybe his office mates would like to form a team with other departments form teams and have a game! :)
Good excersize too... :)
Take care guys!

Anonymous said...

This isn't my idea but I played it at a camp, I don't even know if it's common but it was so fun.

football + basketball = Foosketball

you have a quarter back, a person who passes the ball to the quarterback(can't remember the actual name), and a reciever, the person passes the football to the quarter back, the quarter back throws the ball, the reciever has to run and catch it, they aren't allowed to drop it, then they have to stay where they caught it and throw the football into the basketball hoop. If you miss, or drop it, it's the other teams turn, and then you just keep playing like that, or if you have 2 hoops you could have both teams playing at the same time trying to get the ball into the other teams hoop. Intercepting the other teams throws, fun stuff like that.

Loo said...

you guys are out of hand... love it. of course the mom in me wants to yell "BOYS, DON'T MAKE ME COME IN THERE"... awesome. i love your spirits... L

Amber said...

O my goodness! That looks like a combination of bumber cars and soccar!

Karmae said...

I got a good one. Get a metal slinky and a ruber ball. and like make a track with the slinky or slinkys and when your done drop the ball through the inside and like then watch it good all crazy through the track and such. Its fun. Not that i have dont it in my spare time. lol. actually i have its cool.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh!!! i just had an epiphany! i pondered on the name of Lee's tune, if you guys haven't already decided, here's my idea.

it sounds almost like normal life, but then a renaissance, like God came into your life, like a...TESTIMONY! or maybe a rebirth like a BAPTISM or almost like an AWAKENING.

well those are my ideas, hope you find inspiration through me, another awesome person, or the Almighty =]

much luv.
will pray for your safety and inspiration.