Sunday, October 12, 2008

Breakfast in Newfoundland... Dinner in Houston

3,600 miles of travel today. We woke up this morning had breakfast in Gander, NL.... lead worship at YC and then got on three flights back to Houston. We just had dinner at Pappasito's with our families. (If you haven't had their fajita's please come to Texas for them.. it's worth the trip!) It was a wonderful weekend in the beautiful island of Newfoundland. It's the province where Irish, French, and British descentdants have morphed together to make real treasure of a place. Everyone was so kind and hospitable to us. We can't wait to back. And appartentley they taught pirates how to to talk really cool the way Jack Sparrow does.

It all made for a wonderful weekend at YC 2008. The kids in the crowd were amazing and sought after God with us. God's presence was so evident and the worship was so pure and genuine. We loved it!

Some random travel pictures from our journey to Newfoundland...

Security line... 5am!



made it!

mike's happy!

Also... Marcus went hunting and they got a Moose! Look how big this things is! All that meat should feed some people for a long time. Sorry... we're typical Texans.

22 comments: said...

Did Marcus shoot it from a helicopter?

TheBronze said...

I've been to Gander many times. Nice people up there.

They're lucky they got to hear your awesome music!

Sarah said...

That poor moose! He looks peaceful though, so at least he has that going for him ;).

Glad to hear God blessed your time in Newfoundland. It's neat you guys get to travel so much.

I pray God would bless your time at home with your families and give you rest!

God Bless,


Mona said...

What a blessing you have to be able to travel the places in this big beautiful world that you've been. I just want to say THANK YOU for taking your fans along with you, and giving us this peek inside/outside your lives. Praying for you all, often. Please update us on progress of your mom and dad's church and the needs of your community.
Mona, the alto lady in the soulfest choir.

Anonymous said...

I name the moose....


:D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! sounds like i have to come to texas right??

And im glad that Mikes happy...

Happy is good.

God wants us to be happy. :D:D

But walking around with a toothpick? in your mouth can be dangerous... haha

God bless you guys.

Bekka said...

Those look like good times.My family decent is from Canada(I am French and get made fun of for it)Anyways that moose would make my youth leader jealous.Every time he has been hunting he comes back with nothing but a story saying how close he was.

taissa said...

Don't matter where you may be, God will always be with you. :D love you! ;*

Paula said...

Thanks for the map that showed us where you guys were...I love maps! :) It's from homeschooling my kids... :)
Wow breakfast in Newfoundland and dinner in TX! :)
Glad you guys got back home safely.
How did the moose get to TX?? Do they freeze it and ship it??
Good goin' Marcus! :)
Take care guys!

Anonymous said...

you guys were amazing at YC, it was a lifechanging experience. I know you have no idea who I am but oh well. I love your CD Opposite Way. I find your music is able to do things that others can't, probably because it sounds like something I would want to listen to on some radio station on a non-christian like station, more modern, but with others you wouldn't, if that makes sense.It sends a message to me better anyway, not sure about other people. I hope we get to see you in concert again soon. I hope you guys really enjoyed Newfoundland, because it's no Texas for sure, there definetly isn't the same things here, especially Gander I found, being from St.Johns, can't imagine Texas. All though the stuff doesn't really matter. It's not like I went there for shopping, more for praising, worshipping, YC. I'm just going to stop, I don't want to make this way to long. because it's a comment, not a blog on what I think.

God bless you guys in everything you do!

Princess Samantha said...

Pappasito's is all right, but I like Pappadeaux better... :)

*GASP* Now Bambi's dad is gone too!

Amber said...

aww :( Poor moose!! I bet it will taste sooo goood! :)

Anonymous said...

Newfoundland.. sound like great fun! id like to be there right now, lol!
God bless you! love you all!

Jeff said...

Marcus, so glad you had a chance to go hunting here in Newfoundland. You guys were awesome at YC. It was cool to see you, Leeland, Jack, Jake, Mike and Matt again after the YC Malawi trip. Come back some time.



Anonymous said...

poor mose

chick crazy about jesus said...

Is it leagal to kill moose???
Anyway right on texas rocks i love hunting and love liven in the lone star state.
praying 4 yall
1 cor. 9:24

Alicia said...

Thank God you guys came back safely =) Did you guys learn any crazy kool pirate lingo? i wanna talk like a pirate!!!

GEEZ! Thats one Gigantic moose, it's head is like 5x bigger than mine!! *obvious exaggeration*

well, i'm glad you guys had fun, eat some more fajitas for me!!!


Mimi B said...

That is a crazy day. But worth everything for the move of God.

Anonymous said...

Leeland's - I don’t know if you’ll ever read this: but thank you so much for your encouragement and sharing your heart. I pray that God will continue to bless you as you pour out your life before Him.

GcbGirl said...

golly that moose is HUGE!!!

Wow, you guys are pretty busy... make sure you guys sleep! It's good for the brain ya know! lol :) anyways, keep praising the lord and letting people know who he is! God Bless and stay safe...


Anonymous said...

I hope and pray in the name of our Lord that you made moose saugages and moose burgers out of that moose. Bys, I got the best recipe in the world for a moose caserole. See.. come back to Newfoundland and we'll get together and have a jam and I'll get mom to cook you all a massive feast of moose caserole... you dont even know what your missing.. I feel like I'm witnessing to a lost soul.. you need this recipe in your lives.

Midgetness said...

DANG!!!! that suckers big. in montana thats probaly the most hugest anybody hunted!!!! congratulations... ive never gone hunting i just moved here..

it must be fun!!!