Friday, October 3, 2008

On the road again...

Well folks, sorry it's been so quiet on our blog the past few days. We've had a much needed two week break. Any ways, we're back on the road again, all packed in the van driving through Baltimore right now. We just had an amazing time at the Harvest Crusade in Philidelphia and we're on our way to Charlotte, NC. I think we're going to get a hotel around 1am or so and get a few hours of sleep before we get back on the road tomorrow morning.

Leeland's been showing us amazing youtube videos. Mike has been looking ways to play soccer. Jake's been talking about gun rights. Matt's been the DJ with the iPod in the van. And I've been reading stuff about the election.

Matt meets George Washington and doesn't know what to say...

Mike playing some football...

Jake and Mike saw Joe Biden at our hotel.

I'll post a video from our weekend soon. The guys send their love.



Bekka said...

To mike:If you wanna play soccer come to AZ and I'll kick the ball around with you.I am good offense.

To the rest of you: Get some sleep!!! =]


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
I had a great time at your concert at the South Hills Bible Chapel! Thanks so much for the awesome concert and worship time! :]

Jasmine said...

Thanks for the update guys :]
Harvest last night was amazing! God provided us great seats, even though our bus was an hour late. Did you see all the people who came up to accept Christ!? I was down there volunteering and it one of the greatest experiences of my life. Get some sleep!

<3 <3 Jasmine

tif said...

thanks for doing the harvest crusade last night- it was really blessed!

Sarah said...

Glad to see you are all still alive!

Breaks are good. Especially for you guys and your busy schedule. I know God enjoys them too. I hope you guys are refreshed and renewed in Christ!

Ayla said...

You guys are awesome!

hey, check out "Charlie bit my finger - again !"

It's only the most adorable thing ever!!! the kid's accent is so sweet!

Looking forward to your next blog post,

Ayla in Edmonton Ab Canada!!

Pilgrim Worship Band said...

Soccer Match:

Leeland vs. Pilgrim Worship

Date to be announced! lol.. joking.. but that would have been a cool event! So come to Spokane and we can organize a soccer game! Don't worry, fans will be on your side! :)

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm so glad that God protected all of you from Ike and that no one is hurt. I watched Harvest Crusade from my computer and you guys were awesome, I love your music and how you love God so much, it's very inspiring. Keep up the good work and God Bless!!!

cleo said...

Hello precious brothers, I praise the Lord that protected all of you from Ike. I watched Harvest Crusade from my computer, in Brasil, and you brothers really bless my life. Thank you so much. I love your music and how you love God. God bless you a lot.I always pray for you.

Cortney said...

Hey Guys! we had an awesome time at carrowinds in charlotte this past weekend... They're were a lot of people who wanted your autographs, but you guys didn't have time to sign.. i gues you had a 16 hour trip to wherever you were going next... anyways, you all need more than 4 items to sell hahaha.... I like the 2 new shirts, but the black one is my fav. we had fun, can't wait to see you all again!

Diana DiConti said...

God bless you guys as you bless each and every ear x2 listening to you as you go from state to state proclaiming Jesus through music!

How fortunate we as children of God are to see His will being done through the younger generation now!
God bless you all!