Monday, November 10, 2008

Painted Post

I'm in the van and we're headed to Houghton, NY to play a show tonight. Last night was a fantastic night of worship in Painted Post, NY. Eight-hundred and fifty people were packed into this church worshiping God will all their heart. During 'May Our Praise' and 'Tears of the Saints' I couldn't help but cry when I really realized what I was singing. The Holy Spirit made the words new to me, and reminded me yet again why we're doing this. First to lift Him up, and then to give our lives away and change the world. To know Him and make Him known. It was a great night. God is so faithful to show up and meet us right where we are.

Oh... and we're listening to Christmas music and driving through a winter wonderland (literally)... there's snow everywhere! Wish my wife was here with me to see it because we're obsessed with Christmas.



PS. Something very historic and significant happened last Tuesday. No matter who you voted for, you need to be praying for our new President. Pray as he meets with President Bush today that God would give them both wisdom in this delicate time our nation is in right now. God is alive and well and he still desires to send a massive revival to America! Stay alert and be vigilant in prayer.


SMA said...

YAY!! the concert last night was amazing! God was there holding us all thats for sure! have fun at Houghton guys! i wish i was there! and it is always snowing in Houghton! thanks so much for everything you all do! God bless! hope to see you angain soon.
Sarah Antes

Mariana said...

that's amazing
i wish i could see you guys playing here in Brazil like this.

God bless you

Paige said...

The show was wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leeland! I just watched your videos and I cannot tell you how excited I am to Praise the Lord with you tonight at Houghton! I pray for your safety as you travel, we're getting a bit of snow! See you tonight - God Bless You all!

Caleb Drake said...

We loved having you!! I hope that you guys will remember this area and try to come through on a tour or something. God Bless


Anonymous said...

I wil be praying for him to stay safe and for making the right decision. Sounds like you had a good trip. Sandra

Mona said...

Oh my goodness, you're in my hometown "neck of the woods". I sang in an all state chorus at Houghton College over 30 years ago - Yes, I am 49 and a half, and proud to say that the JOY of the LORD keeps us youthful. No matter what the trials are, He keeps me near and reminds me every day that He has a plan for me and will continue to keep me safe in the palm of His hand. His Mercy truly is NEW every morning. Great is thy Faithfulness oh God.

Amen, and God's richest blessings to you all, from Mona, the alto lady in the Soulfest Choir.

cleo said...

Hello dear brothers! We so glad to hear good news about you. How beautiful to know that God is doing great things through their lives. We have always prayed for you . May God continue to use their lives so powerful. A big hug from Brasil. God bless you a lot.

Anonymous said...

oh! that's wonderful! here in Argentina the weather is really hot and wet.. horrible!
how i wish i could see you guys!
i'll pray for you and your country.
have a nice day!
love, Eilin

Ingvild said...

Hello! I've used almost all day spending time to listen to your songs. You guys makes wonderful music praising God. Keep up the good work! I hope you guys want to come back to Norway anytime soon. I didn't know you were here earlier this year, but I realy want to hear you live.
Good to hear that you realy can feel your own music that way. It must be a lovely feeling.

Anonymous said...

it takes a few times singing a song, and a few hardships for it to fully sink into your heart and to understand it. Once i was listening to "Whatever Your Doing" by Sanctus Real and totally broke down

i agree on praying for our president. It doesn't matter who you voted for. he won, get over it, God will make everything work out.

Bless you guys!
have fun in the snow jack!
make some snow angels!


Rachel said...

oh my goodness!! that was soooo amazing!! I was in the front row on the steps and it was so cool! the spiritual... vibes? were incredible! I love you guys soooo much!!!! You guys are so sincere when you worship and its AMAZING! thankyou so much for everything you do and God bless!
P.S. i LOVE the drumstick you threw me! thankyou soo much

laurajo said...

The first several months after buying your cd, I cried every time I heard "Tears of the Saints" and I still sometimes do. It is great to be reminded of why we, as God's children, do what we do. My five year old already has a heart for making sure that everyone knows about Jesus. I am so blessed to have her.

skies colliiide said...

ahh I wish I went! It was only a couple hours away!

Abba's child said...

We are obsessed with Christmas, as well and we thought of you and Whitney this weekend as we decorated our home. We've got the trees and other inside decorations up. Next comes the outdoor stuff! Have you been able to be home long enough for you and Whit to decorate? I'm thinking that event will be blogworthy. (hint, hint lol)

Praying God's providential grace upon all of you as you continue to travel the world making Him known.

Jessliveinlove said...

I totally agree that we need to be praying. Good or Bad, God is the one in control! all we have to do is let him be our Leader no matter what. I am really excited to worship with you guys this coming Saturday Night. You guys are really here for an awesome purpose and never let that go. I thank you with many fans, for letting God take control and bring the Holy Spirit to a generation who really needs it.
God Bless you

Anonymous said...

I am praying for our President-elect. I have a hard time liking him, but he is God's child too and I need to pray for him and that my feelings for him change.

Anonymous said...

You guys are my absolute favorite band, your lyrics are totally God given. When are you gonna come to California?

melissa said...

Listening to your song called "Carried to the Table" over and over again. So special. Thanks so much. Btw, love the entire CD, but got stuck on this one tune.

God's best to you guys!

Sarah said...

I love Christmas...deffinatly the best time of the year!

I love how God renews songs in our hearts. I will be playing a song during worship that I have played and sung hundreds of times and never realized what I was singing. Even for songs that we sing and mean the words, there are some that never cease to bring that excitement and passion in our hearts.

Praying you guys enjoy your time on the road and that the holidays coming up will be a time of relaxation and refreshment for you!


Anonymous said...

I love your heart for God.

Paula said...

I love it when you guys share your hearts.
The Lord is so faithful to us...and when He visits it's so awesome.
Love you guys!! take care and 'drive safe!'

GcbGirl said...

wow, what a beautiful picture!

Sometimes it REALLY hits me that God created all of that beauty... wow!

Wish I could just magically teleport or something to all of your shows, but I can't...

God bless, and keep on praising God!!!


Anonymous said...

Heyyy guys, I'm gong to be at Rock the Sound in Bridgeport, CT. I just wanted to say hi and it will be good to see you guys again. We haven't seen you guys since Rev Gen. But thanks for everything. Give the Vernon United Methodist Church a shout out on Saturday. God Bless and keep up the good work.


Christopher said...

Guys I am glad that I am not the only one listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Thanks for always being an encouragement. Christmas music recommendation: the album Christmas Songs by Fernando Ortega...just released...excellent.

Paige said...

Hey Guys, I was wondering, is there any way I can get incontact with Matt? I wanted to Thank him so much for the guitar pick!!
All for God's Glory,

Vic said...

Hey thanks for coming to our church you did an excellent job at the concert and it really moved so many people! It's really awesome to still see some Christian bands talking about God through their proformance. It was a really awesome experience and I know that it was a good opportunity to bring people into the church for something unique it definately got a friend of mine asking about church! Thanks so much. I was so pumped afterward with God's love it was hard to go to sleep.

I hope you guys enjoyed the note I wrote you and you can come back again! :)

Anonymous said...

blog more please!

Margaret in NC said...

I loved the picture. My jaw dropped when I read that you were in Painted Post, NY. I grew up in that area - spent 12 years at Watkins Glen High School. I lived in a little town called Bennettesburg about 20 minutes from Painted Post. My family and I now live in North Carolina, but it was GREAT seeing the snow because we don't get that here now and I loved growing up having 10 feet of snow to go crazy in. God Bless you all!