Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Note

(Click to enlarge.)


Anonymous said...

you might be a creative minded person when... you write sideways on the paper that has an obvious "up".

wonder if there are any hobby handwriting analysts hanging around here... lol

Princess Samantha said...

You guys have been bloggin HEAVILY lately (even on paper!).

Have fun writing!

Come out with a new album soon!

...and play a show in your home state real soon, ya hear? ;)

Anonymous said...

you guys will write nice songs, as always!
we'll be praying for you.

Elisabel said...

Much blessings blog buddies. the end.

Kristin said...

love the handwritten touch!

Rafaela said...

'vnderground'?? That looks really Dutch. If it'd be 'van der grond' then it'd be Dutch :P Which means of the ground.. Never realised that 'ground'and 'grond'are almost the same.. Suddenly I'm not sure if 'grond'is a Dutch word..

Have a good time in Nashville! And I'll be praying for ya =)


Fretted Fingers said...

sweet note lol and I WILL pray for you guys for your songwritting...check out this site that is extremly helpful in unlokcing creativity

they have helped me a lot!

Fretted Fingers said...

wait! are u guys doing the songwriting thing with tim anad jon neufeld from Starfield?? Tim is driving down to nashville today for songwriting

GcbGirl said...

Yeah!!!! I am sooooo excited for more songs to come out! I'll be praying very hard for you guys!!! Have a good week, and write lots of songs that reflect Gods love!!

Luv ya!


milla! said...

plis!!! look!!! look!!!!
Meet the fans!

milla! said...

we love you guy!

Kasie said...

cool i can actually read a guy's handwriting! i hope that you guys all have a wonderful time in Nashville writing songs. God bless you all, and i will definantly pray for you all!

Logan said...

hey hey hey i was at that!!! yes after edmund was absolutely amazing! lol i'd luv to see you guys try that "instrument switch" thing... that'd pretty much be awesome:) so yes people check them out! and btw its the "underground" not the "vnderground" for the people on this site who were wondering. oh and where is this note now??? lol i'd luv to see the original for no real important reason haha