Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vlog 7- a bit of sport

Road Vlog 7 from Leeland on Vimeo.



Kasie said...

lol. nice shots guys! happy new year to all of you too. i hope that you all can continue to help others through Christ our Savior. God bless you all!

GcbGirl said...

NICE... you guys are hilarious. Hope you guys had a great new year. I sure did! GCB had a lock in at the church from 10-5 am. Yeah, i was kind of tired. We had a great worship service to toast in the new year. So yeah, it was great! Keep having fun...


Brian said...

Nice blog.
I love your two CD's that you have out. Keep up the great work.

grace and peace,

carly said...

happyy new year to you

mmm yec was amazing and um i'll see you guys in a year at yec again haaa cant wait.

Anonymous said...

i recently just found this and knew you guys visited africa or somewhere near.

Happpy new yrs!

Paige said...

Ha ha.. we can all tell who got picked on in highschool for sports:) Just kidding!
Hey are you guys going to creation? Because your not up on the website.. you'd better go!!

GcbGirl said...

oooh... song writing?? I'm excited already!!

YOu guys should really make a cd or singles out of poetry in motion and stand still... i LOVE those songs!