Friday, February 20, 2009


So... it's midnight, and we're all in the van after a great night in the St. Louis area. It was a small, but powerful show. God really showed up and blew us away. Thanks for everyone who came out to the show! We really had a blast.

We're all so tired now. I'm about to crash on the bench of the van in a sec. Pray for us, because Marcus is driving and trying to sing 'Disturbia'. haha... not good.

We're headed to Lincoln, Nebraska for a D2Share conference tomorrow. Should be good.

How's everyone doing? What's happening with ya'll right now? Wish everyone could've been here tonight at the show. : (

peace my friends.



Ashley Richards said...

oh, wish i could be there... i go to college in lincoln. so sad, but i get to go to church instead! :)

Ashley Richards said...

ooh, i wish i could go... i go to college in lincoln, nebraska. :*( but alas, i get to go to church instead. :)

J.A. said...

That's awesome! You guys did a great job in Denton, TX a while back! The presence of God was so strong an it really encouraged me. I am really looking forward to the new album!! You guys are in my prayers!!

Rafaela said...

aww I wish I could have been there too! :( I had a great night at my youth group tho so that's good :) This week I had Holidays and I've been to church/youth group for four times now. Gonna go to the youthgroup again tonight :D And church tomorrow so that's exciting! You know at my church there's someone who really looks like Matt.. it's kinda scary :P Not that Matt's scary.. I hope..

ok.. have a good time at D2S!! :) God bless you and I hope to see you in Holland some day!


Rafaela said...

btw: I just saw you've been nominated for a Dove Award! Congrats!! :D That's so cool!

Ryan Epps Home for Children said...

Hi Guys !

You rock my socks off! I pray for you all the time! Thank you for all that you do!

In Christ,

shane zimmer said...

Hey guys. thank you so much for coming to st. louis last night. it was very awesome to worship Jesus' name in such truth and freedom. and great meeting you jack and jake.. (we need to work on our small talk jake).. enjoy the extremely beautiful yet not so exciting drive through the state of missouri!

Princess Samantha said...

I'm just hanging in there, Jack! Trying to figure out what God wants me to do with my life. I think high school is probably the hardest time in anyone's life, 'cause you have all this pressure and opportunities being laid out in front of you, part of you is a kid and part of you is an adult, you have all these dreams and are unsure if they're going to come true for you or if you're just going to end up just being another face in the world...

So, yeah, that's what's going on with me. You guys rock. I wish I was at your show, but I WILL be at your show in July at Student Life! Don't change your plans on me!

India said...

Hey Jack, Im alright, and really not up to much, waiting for an e-mail lol. Have u ever heard of Chad Gentry? he has a CD coming out and I am so excited!
Anyways God Bless

horseshack said...

hey guys! i just want to thank everyone in the band. when i first saw you at a clarity conference a few years ago in Ft. Worth, TX you inspired me. Leeland was only 18 and writing songs that hit home to me. now i am following my dream and my passion. i am writing songs and recording them and going after something i never thought attainable until then. so thank you!!!

horseshack said...

i just wanted to thank you guys. because of you i am writing songs and recording them and going after my dream. it's all because i saw you guys at Clarity conference a few years ago in Ft. Worth, TX. Seeing leeland and everyone else on that stage so young and so in love with God inspired me. I can go after my dream because you went after yours. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys some amount of sleep, or you'll be tired for a long time. I really wish i could see you guys in Winnipeg! Good Luck at the Dare2Share tonight! Get Well soon Mike!

Abigail Arzac said...

Thank God for your lives and everything you're doing day to day. Your passion and excitement for God encourages me to follow Jesus everyday :) You're such a blessing. Just wanna tell you, that here in Mexico, GREAT things are happening right now, and God's doing an amazing work here. A friend of mine has just received Christ as her savior this week and God is changing her in an amazing way!!! :D It's a long story, but I just wanted to tell ya that GOD is more than amazing and that everyday, I can see how much He loves us.
Thanks for having a blog, and know that I'm praying for you. :)

Bethany said...

I'm coming to see you guys at ATF in 3 weeks! I can't wait! :) I hope I get to meet all you guys again.

Av said...

Haha--nice pic of Lee sleeping :)

What ave I been doing? I was at camp...Icefishing/watching fish get cut up and cooked/filleting a fish myself (woot! i'm very proud of myself for that--I don't know of any other girl who would do that)

fresh fish tastes gooooood.


p.s. I really need to see you guys play live :(

Samantha said...

haha thats a very nice pic.. but just wanted to say have a great show @ dare2share!!! i came in columbus & you guys were ah-mazinggggg! thanks for touching my life.. you guys rockk! :D

carly said...

i was excited that the jonas brothers mentioned yall in their live chat today :]

Kasie said...

Wow, you guys must have been really tired! I'm playing monopoly with my family now. Let's just say I'm not exactly winning. :) I'm glad you guys had an amazing concert. Really wish I could have been there! Could you guys come to Minnesota some time soon? God bless you all! :)

GcbGirl said...

gosh, wish I could've been there too jack!

you guys seriously need to come to capital again... THAT was powerful worship you guys!!!
Or to seattle Washington in march... GC conference... WHOOP!!!

Praying for your safety...

Anonymous said...

awww! how I wish so!! I'd love to be at , at least one, of your shows guys! I still got some little hope... lol, i'll meet u some day.
im doing good, by the way... just finished having a time with God! it was awesome, and ended up with me writting a part of a song for him!!! i loved it!
Eilin, the one from argentina!(:

wesley-paulo said...

gosto muito do som de vocês e oro por vocês, adoro o som de vocês muito legal !

brittanybaker said...

Glad to hear everyone's doing well!
I'm actually heading out to see Article One here in a bit....
"Disturbia" is fun....I'm thinking that you should videotape his attempts....

Margaret said...

It's so awesome that you guys are doing Dare2Share!! That's an amazing program, and it's a huge avenue to reach teenagers and sponsors alike. I hope and pray that you guys will have awesome worship, and that the driving is all very safe.
If you can ever get to the movies, we just saw The Tale of Desperaux, and it was fantastic! I thought it would be more of a children's movie, but it's a bit darker than that. Good though. And some big name casting. Certainly worth a rent. :)
Drive safe, worship hard, and have a fantastic time!! We're praying for you guys!

KelliGNG said...

We were at the show in St. Louis and it was an intense, moving, Spirit-filled night!
I have never (with the possible exception of U2) ever heard a live concert with sound as good as a CD until now (which is saying a lot since I had to buy a 2nd Opposite Way CD b/c my first is so worn.) The music was outstanding and Lee was spot on point with vocals. Really amazing!
You guys really kicked off what turned out to be quite a "God weekend" for the two old ladies from Iowa!
Keeping the Spirit - Kelli

P.S. Talked to Mandy briefly after the show. Besides being an absolutely stunning woman, she was warm, gracious and friendly- even as complete strangers came to chat! Meeting her showcases in yet another way how you ALL are the genunine article- and it powers through in music and message!

Stephanie said...

Crazy powerful worship time in Lincoln! I'm very glad you came!
I ruined my voice in praise to the Lord. And it was indeed worth it.
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey, you guys should come to Ohio more often. I love you guys and I'd love even more to see you in concert soon!!

Abby said...

so glad to hear that God is continuing to move in so many peoples lives. He is an amazing God for sure. Thank you guys for your amazing songs that help us realize how real God is in hard times and how to rejoice in His names during the good. You guys are truly inspirational heroes that many look up to. I wish I could have gone to that concert, but im all the way in Ohio. Hope that I can go to another concert very soon.

In Christ,

The Leeland Blog said...

Ashley richards... wish you could've been there too! next time : )

Rafaela... tell the matt look alike that we want to meet him!

Princess Samantha... you have our prayers for God's direction in your life! Hang in there.

J.A... thanx!!!!

Ryan Epps... thank you for the prayers... much appreciated by all the band members.

The Leeland Blog said...

India... I don't think I've heard of Chad... does he have a myspace? Good to hear from you!

Horseshack... you're welcome! I'll pass on the good new to Lee. He loves to hear about other young songwriters. Please keep it up!

Anonymous... Winnipeg will be very cold. We'll bring our puffy coats.

Abby... Wondeful news about God moving in Mexico! So happy to hear that your friend received Jesus. We'll lift up prayers for Mexico... God is on the move.

Bethany... you'll love ATF! Glad you're coming.

The Leeland Blog said...

Av... Ice fishing? Very impressive! The band needs to do that one day.

Samantha... Thanks! YOU rock!

Carly... No Way?!?!?! That's so awesome. They're wonderful guys.

Kasie... Good to hear you're playing Monopoly with your family. The world needs more of those moments. Take care!

Makayla... We love Capital! Can't wait to come back and worship with everyone... your church is amazing.

Eilin... Hey! We really want to come to South America. That would be so cool. It will happen one day. Let's pray it in!

The Leeland Blog said...

Wesley... Brasil would be amazing too!

Brittany... believe me... you don't want to be subjected to Marcus's distrubia attempts. Maybe one day. : )

Margaret... My wife just read the book! We really want to see the movie too. Look's fun.

Kelli... thanks for the encouraging words! We were blown away by God's presence that night. Glad you were there.

Stephanie... Linconln was so fun. The crowd was loud, energetic, and hungry for God. Thanks for being a part of it.

Abby... Thanks! And God bless you.

KelliGNG said...

Hey- thanks for taking the time to respond to the comments like that! That was really great of you!
Also- is Mike feeling better? Did he get his t-shirt from the St. Louis concert?