Thursday, April 23, 2009


So, we're here in Nashville for the yearly Gospel Music Assocation schindigg! Had a million interviews and stuff and got to share our thoughts on the new record. We're like little excited kids because we're fresh from the studio after recording it. It's been a VERY good week.

We spent some time with Food for the Hungry and discussed our upcoming trip to Cambodia & Bangladesh! Sooooooooooooooooo pumped!!! We're going to visit our sponored kids and see the work the FH is doing in southeast asia.

Leeland found Brandon Heath's Nasa oven mitts while we were at his house with Joy FM. We premiered our new song "Follow You" on the morning show! Brandon works his guest vocal magic on the song and it's brilliant i tell you! Brilliant!

Leeland gravitates to the instrument in the room in between interviews . He's writing a tune about a fairy tale or something.

Watched Jars of Clay perform their new single "Two Hands". Soooo good. Do you guys have their new record?

Got to hang out with our new friend Nick Jonas. Great guy!

About to do an interview and we're pretty tired. It went well though. Mike told a story that took about 15 minutes to tell and it was hilarious! haha. We gave him a hard time about it, and he took it in stride. A true friend!

The best way to tan during interviews.

Got to see my brother in law's new short film "Devil's Shoestring" at the Nashville Film Festival. It's a great cautionary tale.


Paula said...

We don't get the Gospel channel so won't be able to see the Dove Awards.
Can't wait to hear your new album!!! You guys keep on talking about it... LOL
Take care guys!
Love yas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all of those pics and seeing what it's like in Nashville this week. I knew that a lot of people were there right now but didn't know what all ya'll did! What was Nick Jonas there for? I mean, besides to hang out with ya'll!! :]

Skout said...

Guys that's Awesome! i am sooooo happy for you!
Rock on!
hope you had alot of fun!
when is your new album coming out???? i really want to hear that song you premired! sounds like its gonna be awesome! lol

love you guys!

Skout said...

Guys that's Awesome! i am sooooo happy for you!
Rock on!
hope you had alot of fun!
when is your new album coming out???? i really want to hear that song you premired! sounds like its gonna be awesome! lol

love you guys!

Maddie said...

omj!!!! I can't believe you met Nick Jonas. You guys and the Jonas Brothers are my favorite bands. I love you guys so much!!!! Can't wait for the new album!!!!

Princess Samantha said...

Am I the first comment this time??? :P

Either way, nice pics.

Bethany said...

I'm watching the doves on because I am a looser and don't have The Gospel Music Channel! Hope I get to see you guys. :)

mswillowgreen said...

I would love to see my sponsered child!

Abby H said...

Haha You guys did get to meet the Jonas brothers again!!!

Oh yeah You guys rock!!


Tunafish said...

Wow, looks like you guys had a great time! Can't wait for the new album. GOD bless!

Aaron Thompson said...

Hi, voted online for Tenth Avenue North to win a dove award. They sound very good. Can't wait for your new album tho, is there a website where we can listen to your interviews? Nick Jonas looks a bit of a poser in your photo, but I'm sure the girls don't mind lol.

Victoria said...

1. I can't wait for the new album! 2. How do you guys know nick jonas? Kinda have some envy over here lol

Kaitlyn said...

Haha, great pics!!!

Please tell us when the new album is coming out?!?!?!? I'm going jittery with excitement over it!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

I don't have the GMC so I didn't get to see the Doves but I've read all about it and saw the winner's list... you guys weren't on there :(

Heard you guys are going to tour with Brandon Heath!!! That's awesome!!! Hope the tour comes by my area!!

God bless! Love you guys!!!

Michelle said...

i cant wait for the dove awards! i voted like 100 times for you guys.

and nick jonas...
i found out about you guys from joe jonas during a live chat. and he said it was his fave christian rock group. so i searched you guys and thought you were so amazingly awesome musicians playing for Jesus.

and thats why i love you guys!

LeelandLatinoamerica said...

hello guys!
Incredibles Pix :)
Can't wait to hear your new album!!!

Coming to Latinoamerica Please!!! :)

We love leeland
God Bless!

Miicaaa!!! said...

That good photos! And that this nick jonas, very goooood!
Benedictions boys!
From Argentina, Micaela!

Raquelita said...

Sooo COOL!!! Looks like it was amazing! I am stoked for the new album!!!!!!!!!! And where can I hear that song!?!

Holly J. said...

wow. i love you guys.

Sarah said...

Quick question - in the room where Leeland is playing a grand piano, is that organ pipes?

star said...

I sadly dont have " the long fall back to earth" or the gospel channel :( but I do have jars song " closer" which I am listening to rigghht now :)

Anna said...

I hope I get to see you guys sometime during GMA week next year! It will be my first year attending.

Can't wait to hear the new album!! You guys bless my heart everytime I hear one of your songs. Thanks for ministering to me and my whole family. :)
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I love your musics. It's a pure worship to our God. I admire so much your lyrics. it's like a inspiration to me. and I wrote some songs too. I hope you don't deviate from the Path of God and continue writing AWESOME musics! I really hope.
hugs, God bless :)

ps: I love your friend Nick Jonas and the others Jonas Brothers :P