Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mike's on twitter!

Check him out... @Rattatattat!!!!


Abby Hickinbotham said...

Awesome like a possum!! ...... (a good possum) :)

Princess Samantha said...

Am I first comment?

Second comment??

Okay, third???

LOL, just kidding.


Abby H said...


Princess Samantha said...


Ha, close enough. ;)

VOL AND REV said...

hye hey hey
como estan!!!
aqui muchos saludos leeland
y Dios t ebendiga
y a los chicos de la banda


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I saw on Mike's page that the band is going to Cambodia. This summer 6 young people and I will be going to Cambodia for a three week missions trip. I would love to hear where you guys are going in Cambodia. I am going to Poipet. There will be a youth weekend taking place at the local missionaries home. Over 70 teens will be there. Maybe you all could stop by and sing for them? The kids in Poipet would love that.If you guys would consider that you can email me at Thank you!

-Kristen Forsythe

Aaron Thompson said...

I hope you get this, i would like ask if you think the band will ever be back in Northern Ireland. Also if your a fan leeland join my bebo band -

I hear some of you are fan of liverpool fc, good choice of team.