Saturday, December 13, 2008

Random Road Pix

Captions please... :-)


Bethany said...

Hahahaha! Jack, I seriously don't know what to say right now. You think of everything!

Roar Eikli said...

What a collection of handsome people!!
I hope you guys are doing good, and that you want to get back to Norway! We surely need people like you to drop by once in a while:)

Miss you guys
Much love from Oslo, Norway,

skout said...

number 1
i may look tired and sleepy, but watch out! these hands are lightnin!

number two
is this thing on??????

oh yesss, i am awesome, thank you, thank you, watch me as i pose my imitation of Frank Sinatra.... please, no photos

i am dressed for moose hunting success!

my name is Dr. Music, i listen to the heartbeat of melodies

Julie said...

Good Times! It was wonderful to worship our Lord with you in Grand Rapids, MI. You all looked tired though. Take a break and enjoy the celebration of Christmas. Thanks for coming way up here to this icy cold place to be with us again! Come again soon.


Anonymous said...


will pamplinas C:
that is what we have here? (I will find)o.O
There are already gave me penalty n.n
continues as well and go very far ;)
I'm handsome :D

Fretted Fingers said...

Hey Guys! I tagged u in my blog tag your it!

Ok ya
so if u have a chance u have to leave a comment on my page and then tag people on your blog...ah whatever its explained somewhere along the way
fretted fingers

Elisabel said...

U GUYS ROCK! I dig the hat, Jack! peath out.

Princess Samantha said...

Here are my captions:

1. Happy to hit myself :)
2. Hey, am I taking a video or a picture?
3. Look at me, I’m like such a model like…
4. Jack-Rabbit
5. Look at me, I’m like such a model too like…

*I'll warn you if Jesusfreakhideout finds this, you'll be on Crazy Captions for sure!

GcbGirl said...

ok, so is that seriously an alligator sticker or pin on Lee's shirt?

NICE hat jack... ha!

you guys look like you have so much fun sometimes!!


The Special One said...

Photo 1: "Invisible bow for hunting meese!"

Photo 2: "Is this thing on?"

Photo 3: "What's this in my pocket? A lollipop? Sweet!"

Photo 4: "Hat for hunting meese!"

Photo 4: "Ew, Lee, that is an old looking lollipop."

Ha ha! Looks like you guys were having fun.

Anonymous said...

nice pics guys! haha Leeland were u in a public restroom? haha

hav a safe trip!

xoxo Stacie (i know it says anonymous) <3 u guys much! :)