Friday, December 5, 2008

Yukon Cornelius

Does this picture remind you of a certain drummer from a certain band?


Ayla said...

minus the gun of course :P

Elisabel said...

no....... haha j/k. Dude, totally! How funny!!!

Sarah said...

Hmm, kind of, but Leeland doesn't have a beard or play drums...:/

Kidding of course. That does kind of look a lot like Mike, even the bushy beard and all. I think you guys may have a copyright case on your hands (although I am not sure if copyrighting yourself is applicable)... :)


Anonymous said...

that's sooo funny! lol

Richie Rice said...

Wow. That's hilarious. I actually did LOL.

Princess Samantha said...

That's hilarious!

Amber said... guys are great!! You know how many times ive seen that movie and have never put those pieces together!! Love it! Know everytime I watch it now its Mike!.
haha Thanks! :)

Maddie said...

Hurray! It's Big Milky. We hear from Dickie Greenleaf (Tyler Smith, lol) that Big Milky can really roast those 'shmellas. LOLOL

Skout said...


Yes it does.

Does Mike like Bumbles too???

Rafaela said...

Uhh no.. not at all ;)

So I've read all your blogs today :P And I wanted to say thanks for the randomness and the inspiring blogs! I really hope you'll come to the Netherlands some day coz I love you guys :) Oh and so cool you went to Malawi! We got this project at school for Malawi. I already have 7 euros xD I can count in the national Malawi language too :P
Anyways.. see you soon I hope!

Rafaƫla (your newest fan :P)

ps: Maybe you could come to the EO Youthday next year.. ask Starfield about it(you know them right?) they loved it :)

Carol Guasti said...

yes!! hahahah!!!

i´m brasilian!!! is very special pray and sing to our God, our Lord, with your sounds and lirycs!
if you guys come to Brazil will be ery special! you have many fans here!! try come here!
God bless you! your work and music! because is very good and special!!!

Carol Guasti said...

Mike´s videos in yours site is funny and great! dream is something very important and beautifull!! we need run for our Lord, run and never give up! because He never forgeth about us!!
weel i like you guys, the word that you pass, a lot!! pelase come to Brasil! come bless us with your gifts, talents and music!!

Stay with God!
my e-mail
here in Brazil alot of people care about you and about your music!

Walhallyus said...


Mayara Rodrigues said...


Hey guys, let me ask you something, when Leeland will come to Brazil???

We waiting for you guys, yours songs are beautiful and realy blessed... Brazil needs of it!!

(Forgive my english, i just know speak portuguese ^^)

God Bless you all and... COME TO BRAZIL!!

carly said...


PainintheAmp said...

Um...can he DANCE?

Fretted Fingers said...

ha lol...I laughed so hard when I saw that pic....
Fretted Fingers aka big leeland fan :)

GcbGirl said...

I have a feeling mike has a gun with him when he goes humting... ;)

ha ha!! that is soooo great!!! I laughed so hard when I saw that!

Kyla said...

lol! thats so funny...