Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vlog 5 - DC

Last Friday, Leeland and I had the opportunity to go to our nation's capitol and speak at the 'Compassion in Action Roundtable'. It was an event hosted by the White House Office for Faith Based and Community Initiatives.

We got to meet some amazing young people who have risen to the world's challenges. They've chosen to get their hands dirty and do the hard stuff... not just be passive observers. It was truly inspirational to hear their stories. We got to see our good friend Zach Hunter, who is doing so much to mobilize our generation to action. On the panel were young people sharing their passion for solutions to the biggest social issues of our time. Everything from basic human rights, fighting malaria, feeding the poor, micro-economics, the sex & slave trade, keeping kids off the streets, and even providing soldiers with the means to call home from abroad.

We got to share from our perspective as a band in being involved with our generation in helping inspire people to action. We would challenge you today to pray about your place in the world. What can you do to help? God's given each and every person the ability to do incredible things when we rely on Him. It doesn't matter how young (or old) you are, God can give you unique ideas and solutions. Or he can give you a passion to work with an already established organization. The point here is that if we're in real relationship with Jesus... it must produce outward action of love to the world. Be encouraged today and know that we're praying for you. Micah 6:8

Merry Christmas!


Here's a video of our day...


Kel said...

Think you are thinking of The First Kid.. been awhile since I saw it but the secret service guy is like his best friend.The kids is well a little high strung.. think Sinbad is the agent.. anyway .. thanks for sharing

prs603 said...

the first kid! haha that movie is awsome!..

Omar said...

The movie is call "First kid"!!

Jason Singer said...

First Kid
Its one of those common Disney movies where the bad guy is the good guy until the end then the unlikely hero is a nerdy kid who saves the day with the help of his mentor (Sinbad)

Other disney movies like this

Lion King

Toy Story 2


to name a few


Keep up the good work guys


PainintheAmp said...

KuDoS and HiGh FiVeS to you guys! I've been working with non profits for almost 15 years now, and there's nothing better than seeing such important work get done by passionate people such as yourselves.
Praise God and continue in the journey knowing that you are being prayed for here in Vermont.

In Him, Mona
the alto lady in the SOULFEST choir.

elizabeth lynn said...

you guys are so great.
i LOVE how you glorify God with everything, and never give the glory to yourselves.
thank you for being so great and inspiring.

Linda D. said...

You guys ROCK! awesome stuff... God BLESS you!!! (Sinbad was just at my new church, the Dream Center in LA, in their amazing Christmas program called "Joy of Christmas"... 2 vids & some pix on my facebook page... search WCSE)...
Love your Vblogs!
Linda -- Spark the Dark!

Elisabel said...

HOW NEAT! God's light shines through many ways, you guys are very versatile. 1000 bonus points for you! Blessings<><

skout said...

THe First kid..... obviously i am not the "first kid" to tell you but, oh well... lol

Anonymous said...

you guys are awesome! I just finished translating it...Im glad for you! you guys are doing such great things. thank for the challenge, i know you guys pray for all of us, thanks! Im praying for yall of you, too. God bless you and reveal himself more each day.
Love you!

Richard said...

Wow. Incredible. Praise Jesus. Way to help "the least of these."

Anonymous said...

I think it's really the three things he says in Micah 6:8 and not only are true, but it is also necessary in order to serve he.
There's a lot of need out there, also inside at home (the church) and that many young people have not been well led and do not really know God's presence to be near her.
And if they realize God has lifted a lot of young talent in this generation and if you look at TV programs that make singing contests and all that and in fact there's a lot younger, like 15 years and older, with some impressive voices and talent really is unique and that God is going to say and is going to do good things with these people and I think you are starting this revolution that God is preparing.
May God bless you!! (:

Sorry if it is not very understandable what happens is that it does not translate very good o.O

Loo said...

I'm so so proud of you guys... what amazing men of Christ you are. What a blessing and inspiration...