Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We made it home yesterday morning and went straight to our church, Celebration of Life, in Baytown. This week we're hosting the annual Prayer & Prophetic Conference. Dale Gentry is here with us. He's a really huge mentor of ours and has an incredible prophetic ministry. He's prophesied over me, Leeland, and Jake many times as well as the whole band. 

The past couple days have been so refreshing; worshiping alongside our family and seeking God together. God has been igniting dreams in my heart again, and I feel so close to the Lord right now. We all need these moments to keep us focused and our hearts on fire after God.

I pray right now for whoever is reading this. That you would realize that you can go where God says you can go. You can do what God says you can do. Write what God says you can write. Build what God says you can build. Record what God says you can record. Go to the nations that God says you can go to! Nothing is impossible with God!

I'd like to give you a little challenge. Get alone with God and spend some time in His presence sometime today. Then just begin to dream. Dream huge. And know that whatever you're seeing... God see's something even bigger. God has an absurd amount of confidence in you. He designed you to change the world. 

Here's one of my dreams... to start community centers all across the globe. It would be a huge facility that serves the community... everything from medical services, an orphanage, food distribution, and ministry & job training. I know that God's going to help me build those all over the world! 

What's one of your dreams? Share them with us. We would love to pray for you. And I hope you know that God is committed to your success. It might take a little time but those dreams WILL come to pass. Just be faithful to God.

Much love.

-jack and all the leeland boys


YER said...

my dream is to design clothes that screams out:


it's all about being bold.

i remember your encouragements:
"It’s OK to be different. It’s OK to ‘live out loud’ for God"
-that's what leeland said.

Anonymous said...

My dream is to become a youth minister, and give kids the chance to talk to someone, when they have no one else to turn to with their problems. I want to be able to change this generation, and use what God has taught me and teach it to teenagers, and equip them in turn to tell their friends and get what ever future community I end up working in so on fire for Christ, that it changes the world! I know with God all things are possible, so I know that with His help I can make this dream a reality!! Pray for me to keep my heart right, and keep it on fire for He who is awesome and worthy!!

Jackie said...

TYJ!! (Thank You, Jesus!)

I needed this and I usually don't go reading blogs...it was no accident by any means and thank you for sharing this. What an encouragement. My daughter is down for her nap and I'm on myspace...I should be spending time with the Lord...and I'm off to do that right now...What a blessing this was for me as I'm going through such a season as this and I know I must keep remembering that God will make a way when there seems to be no way and his promises in JER 29:11 - I'm ready to dream big and I'm going to go accept and receive it right now.
Thanks again!
jackiejones 'jj'

Justin said...

hey guys, i commented before and mentioned that my wife and i have recently joined wycliffe bible translators. we're in the stage of buidling our support base. we travel around and speak at churches about what God is doing through this work and sometimes the Lord will move the church or individuals do partner with us in that. we've been praying and trusting the Lord to provide 100% of our funds before we head to dallas in january to start training and so far within 3 months we're at 59%. it sometimes can take a year before one could raise that much but God has been confirming that we're where He wants us by providing and working so much in people so early on in this process. it's a huge encouragement. He's raised up advocates to speak to people and churches on our behalf. it's incredible to see the body of Christ excited about this work and pulling together to see it happen. praise God!

TylerE said...

thats awesome man! this is the first time i ever read one of your blogs and it spoke to me in a huge way. I was actually just praying about this. But i know that God called me to play music and reach the people the church cannot. and then to read you specifically say record and write what God wants you to right was confirmation. Even though He already did a long time ago it was great to hear it again. haha

My name is Tyler Edwards by the way i am sure we will run into each other one day. Not arrogance just faith that God finishes what He starts.

Leslie said...

This is an inspiring post! Thank you for the encouragement. My dream is to be a missionary to Ireland and to use the gifts of music and art that God has given me. I'm so excited! And I'm going to see if I can go to Ireland on a short-term missions trip next summer... I can't wait to see what God has for me.

milla! said...

Hello. My great dream is to open a hospital that does not make people sick. It seems strange .. but hospitals cause people often get worse before they improve. I want a hospital that devoted to God, and that is public, and complete.
That dream every day.
I'm glad that is their houses, and I love conferences prophets!
ps: To all I say: do not expect to be with the Lord only on Sundays. shared with him every day, starting a moment for him every day. See how things change!
ok I love you!!! all!!!

milla :]

Anonymous said...

I dream to write stories of whatever God puts on my heart. Just amazing books that God would touch and make wonderful.

I also dream of dancing. It is one of my ultimate passions...worship through dance that makes people fall to their knees with how powerful and anointed the dance is.

I love you guys!
You are the first people I have told about my dreams. =]

Anna said...

leeland, thank you for being used by God to speak to us. What an encouragement.

one of my dreams is to lead people in worship to my Jesus - He is so worthy...

Holly said...

I am the women's director at my church. my dream is to teach and reach more women for God, and preach Jesus to the lost beyond my church doors. thanks for the post, it was VERY encouraging!!! Thanks for reminding me that God's plans for me are bigger than i could ever imagine!!!

Emerson said...

I have a dream that the distorted view of Christ christians have painted for the world, will be reshaped by our generation to a more accurate portrait of Jesus. It will be a movement propelled by humility and love.

Erica said...

I am the anonymous. =]
The 7th comment.

I also wanted to thank you for reminding me of God's plans for me.I really needed it!

You are amazing. =D

kKrazzy4Christ said...

Thank you :D.
Leeland, you are a true leader.
God uses you so much.. and may He help you keep on.
May God bless you for the blessing you've been to others.

I have two dreams, I do not know exactly which I want to follow, but I know God will guide me.
1) To go around the country and perform dramas sort of like "Last Chance" and "Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames," if you've ever heard of them.
2) Be a traveling youth speaker.

Thank you, again!
Its not every artist that shows this much interest and heart for your fans.


faithmvsmountain said...

This is the first time I read one of your blogs as well, and it was very timely. I've been praying about this specifically for the past three days. My dream is to be a missionary, help children in orphanges get adopted, and to be a part of the army who closes the door to abortion.
I also want to help build homes for those who've never had a home, or who are to poor to fix their homes.
But before this, my dream is to someday, prayerfully soon, be healed. To walk.
Seems like a lot, but baby steps right? Your prayers would be very helpful, as the illness I have battled for 18 years now is progressing in all of my body and everyday tasks become more challenging daily. Thank you guys for the encouragement thru your blog and email. You'll be in my prayers as well! God bless!=)

melanie said...

Its all about community- and dreaming big-in faith. You nailed it. My dream is close to the heart of yours- feed the hungry, not turn away and really do what is close to Christ's heart. To be the church as God's people, transparent and real. Hopefully in Uganda, training up a generation to be rectless in their persute of a living God! Blessings to you!

Oh Happy Day! said...

That was so amazing and inspiring Jack & the Leeland boys!:)
Well..I do have a dream based on what God has planted into my heart. I dream of going to the nations and being a Godly influence whereever God has called me to be! I want to somehow combine my current and future studies in International Relations with the gifts God has blessed me with! Thus I presume that I kind of dream of being a light in the world of politics..:)..nevertheless, I suppose there is more, but currently I'm quite unaware of it..

Joel Hosler said...

leading others in Worship all across the world...

joel hosler

Celeste said...

Wow, okay, so I love reading your blogs! They are seriously such an encouragement...I've been thinking about dreams a lot lately...I have so many!! I want to do it all for God!! I want to see the world, eat with the less fortunate, I want to love like Jesus has loved me, I want to make a difference!, I want to lead with this generation!, I want to see the faces of children who have found Jesus, I want to love, love, love, love, in the name of Love!!!...wah, I have so many dreams!! Thanks for encouraging! :D See you guys this weekend in Idaho! :)

Karmae Zitzner said...

This is awesome. I always struggle with the fact that God will make it happen if its for his glory and in his plan. My dream is actually to be in the music industry either a road manager like Darrel. haha. or I would love to work in the recording studio and record amazing music like yours. Its pretty awesome because we have an amazing music school out here so I'm gonna go there after high school. But yeah.

AnaYanez said...

Thank you for this entry,

As for my dreams, I hope to soften the hearts of my generation through mainstream music. I pray that one day my writing may serve as a tool for those who don't know jesus. That it may let them know of a God that's not far fetched but real and loving.

Ana,16, Miami, Fl

Cherri said...

Thanks for sharing this, it was majorly impactful. I'm currently searching colleges and programs to ultimatly, obtain a missions degree. I've been called to the mission field prophetically and it's no doubt where i'm meant to be. The only hurtle is figuring out the correct path to get there.
I was moreso taken back by the fact that your dream is to start community centers. That same general concept was a vision I recieved from God at a youth camp when I was only about nine years old. Since then, i've told different teachers and my family, and it's always gotten one of this, "Right, okay... maybe you should persue something a bit more specific that will produce income so you can support your family" type responses. But I know that that's what i'm called to. Which is one reason i've decided to get my BA in missions, so that I would be taken seriously when trying to start this whole thing.
Over the years, i've questioned it... but in this season of direction, it helps a lot to know that there are others out there that share in this passion.

I'm so anxious for what God's doing and i'm learning how to rely on His timing more and more each day.
Thanks for sharing your vision, I appreciate to hear from at least one person that i'm not crazy and it is in reach.
Godsend, no doubt.


Ruthe said...

Our dream is that the 1.21 Movement would bring folks to Jesus through jeremyearnshaw.com. Our son Jeremy 23 was working with youth in Australia at Youth With a Mission in Newcastle. On his day off he and a friend were walking along some rocks when a rogue wave washed them in and he has never been found. Jeremy had a tatoo on his chest Phil 1:21. The youth that attended his tribute wore 1.21 armbands...one youth wore his armband to school the next week and 30 kids asked what does 1.21 mean? This simple act has opened the doors for us to create lime green wristbands with 1.21 and postcards with Jeremy's simple story. This has already impacted lives and we dream that this will continue to open doors for us to share his testimony...of a small town youth that loved God and people and how God used him. These wristbands and cards are free for youthgroups. Blessings Ruth

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. It really inspired me. Right now, my dreams are a bit blurry, so I am praying to God for His will to play out in my life. I have one dream that will never change though. I want to a Godly mother. I'm only 17 at the moment, but with God's help I will have a husband and a baby within 10 years. I want to raise children that are on fire for the Lord. That's my most important dream.

RedRoxy said...

My dream is to become a photogrpaher. to go out in the world and take beautiful shots, great perspective and an eye that recognizes a moment that should be captured. God has given me an amazing gift and I plan to use it. I love photography so much. :) check out my site to see my pictures. :)


OneVoice said...

i've had many dreams, but some of them have dwindled.

but i want to do something with music...right now, the coolest job i would love to have is tour with a band and take photos of them and make update videos and maybe even design their merch.

i love doing artsy things...especially photography and thinking creatively

i've been told before that i sing very well and it'd be a shame to waste that gift, but i just don't think i can do it. i don't see the beauty in my voice...

lauren.mosher said...

well. recently, my dream is to record my next album and tour with it. i have next to no money, so im wondering how God is going to make this one happen. i know that going on tour next summer is going to happen no matter what, but the album, if i have my man joe produce it, is going to cost ten grand. and i really dont have that money. so. yeah thats my dream. short term. my long term dream is to have a home for girls and boys with eating disorders to come and eceive treatment like they've never known. at the end of the program, they'll travel to africa where they'll work in an orphanage that i partner with. my heart races as i write this! i cant wait for it to happen. :]]
i love you guys. keep going. im sure you hear that all the time, but really, you shine so much. God seeps through your pores!

Stephy said...

You guys are absolutely amazing!! God has definitely used you to help me get back on the right path, and I am so thankful!!

My dream is to do something with sign language. Whether it's doing a drama team type thing at church, or going out and teaching the deaf about Jesus...not exactly sure, but I know that is the direction God wants me to go.

I love your dream about the community centers. It's a wonderful idea and would love to be a part of it.

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for sharing this today. I am a new believer in Christ, and am so grateful to be walking with Jesus. Your words really touched me today.

My dream is to be a choir director at either a school or church, and I am having such a difficult time with the conducting class. I have a disability and it makes conducting very hard physically to do. I know that if God did not want me in the class I would not let me be there. I am learning to let God take control and resign my worry to Him. Somedays it's hard, but I pray about it and read scriputure.

Anyway, thank you so much.

Angel said...

This blog is just another one of a million reasons why you guys are my favorite band! :) I'm working toward my biggest dream right now. I'm in my 2nd semester of nursing school, and my dream is to be a pediatric oncology nurse (kids with cancer). I want to be a bright ray of hope for those kids and their families and show them Jesus' love during one of their most vulnerable, emotional times in life. Every step of the way, the Lord has affirmed over and over to me that this dream is HIS will for my life too, which is an AMAZING feeling!! I will be graduating August of next year and will be forever grateful for prayers to help me stay focused in my studies and to remain as passionate about my dream as I am now. Thank you, guys! You've always beeen a HUGE blessing to me, and I pray for you frequently. <><

bella_monica said...

This is probably one of the best encouraging blogs I have ever read. I absolutely love it! I believe God will use me in wonderful ways. God is amazing. WOW! I am pump to dream and dream some more.

Well my dream is to open up after school programs in inner cities in this country. I want to keep kids away from gangs, violence, and drugs. I actually have it all planned out. I've had this dream since I was 12 or 13. Im 21 now. So that's a mighty long time, lol.
I want to have basketball courts, a library, a homework help station, etc. I really can't wait for this to happen. I want a safe place for all children. I also want youth pastors to be there and talk to the kids. I kid you not I have it all planned out. im sooo excited! hahaha


J e s s i e. L i o n said...

wow. how incredibly and unbelievably enouraging!!
exactly what i needed to hear right now. i've been doubting lately that my dreams will ever come true. the more time that passes without them getting started even, the more i begin to doubt. thank you for your encouraging words. i will definitely take your advice and dream during my alone time with the Lord today. i've never even thought about my dreams this way before...that God WANTS them and MORE to come true. that He MADE me specifically to do them.

thank you.
love,jessie lion

Matt Rose said...

my dream is to help people find freedom in Christ. i've suffered with panic attacks for four years, but that's what brought me close to God and keeps me close to Him (see Psalm 119:71).

(you guys really encouraged me Sunday night. thank you for being surrendered to God and allowing Him to work through you.)

Lyndsay said...

thanks so much for posting this! its really ironic, while i was praying today my mind was just filled with random thoughts and it was difficult to focus.. but God told me to just rest in His presence.. that no words needed to be said at all.

thanks so much for all of your awesome ministry for our Father!

by the way, you guys met my sister in a red robin at wenatchee.. and i really wanted to tell you guys how much i appriciate that! she talked about it 2 days straight :)

Chrisitian said...

for my band to be Rebelutionary for God, so that w ecan witness and praise God all over the place.

Lisa said...

This was such an inspiring blog. It's exactly what I needed today.

Hmm well I've been doubting my dream lately.. but I feel like God wants me to join the fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking. I haven't a clue how to even beginning working on that dream... but I cannot stand the idea of someone not having any freedoms and being made less than human. It's truly disturbing to me that a human being can steal life from another person and control another human's life, especially when they do it to innocent children. ahh sorry sort of ranting

But anyhow, you guys are truly awesome and have such an inspiring message. Thank you!

Amanda Young said...

reading that blog really opened my eyes to why you guys are an amazing and inspirational band. you all are so close to God and it's so encouraging to see that.

my dream is to become a nurse and work with kids on some level. i would love to give kids hope and encouragement during times of illness. i'm only 18 now but hopefully in 2 years i'll be accepted into a nursing school. and i know that with God by my side all the time, my dream will become a reality someday. keep making awesome music and inspiring people all around to world to turn to God.
:] love, amanda

Anonymous said...

well my dream is to have my own band i love music and singing religious/gospel music makes me feel alive when i went to the harvest crusade i asked myself and god am i ever going to move a crowd like leeland and all the other bands will i ever get to that stage? my future concerns me how am i going to be 10 years from now i know i will still be serving God but am i still going to be doing the same old things what am i going to be a conformist or a mover. I wish that jesus can bring my talent and i forth so through me souls can be saved and be able to reach the pit of the heart. truly music is my calling because when i first went to a church when i was 10 (i am now 15) 2mos later i began to sing and i learned the keyboard in 2 mos i am still amazed. i reach sopranos and i love your music
thanks for being a great influence sorry it is so long may god bless you guys

xiomara said...

well my dream is to have my own band i love music and singing religious/gospel music makes me feel alive when i went to the harvest crusade i asked myself and god am i ever going to move a crowd like leeland and all the other bands will i ever get to that stage? my future concerns me how am i going to be 10 years from now i know i will still be serving God but am i still going to be doing the same old things what am i going to be a conformist or a mover. I wish that jesus can bring my talent and i forth so through me souls can be saved and be able to reach the pit of the heart. truly music is my calling because when i first went to a church when i was 10 (i am now 15) 2mos later i began to sing and i learned the keyboard in 2 mos i am still amazed. i reach sopranos and i love your music
thanks for being a great influence sorry it is so long may god bless you guys

Beloved Bon said...

wow! this is awesome!

-see God face to face
-bring His presence/deliverance/healing/joy/everything while leading worship
-enter the third heavens
-call down fire
-lead my people into a massive revival
-make lots of music inspired by heavenly sounds
-witness signs & wonders
-end abortion/adopt/make orphanages
-help widows & the underprivileged
-be an MD & provide for others (financially & anything else)

or something along these lines... lol.

be blessed, bro! (:

Brittany said...

my dream is for ultimately God's amazing and perfect purpose/will to be done through my life for his glory! i'm nearly 18 - And the thing that is really on my heart is to be in a band in mainstream music and influence not only people who like the music but other musicians/bands who I will coming into contact with/doing shows with. the music scene and musicians need freedom just as much as people living in third world countries. just another mission field! I want God to use me to shine his light in what is a scene that has alot of darkness and things of the world. To be a spirit led musician. to play God inspired and breathed music. For God to impact and reveal himself to those who I meet through this. For lives to be changed and challenged with God's reality, love and fire and for God to be glorified through my life as a living sacrifice!
p.s I saw you guys at hillsong conference and you really inspired me. Your love and passion for God shown through what you have to say, your music, and performances etc was just so inspiring, and it's what I would love to be doing one day soon if God wants me to. I'll be studying music and guitar for 2009 and then hopefully/prayerfully I'll be in a band, only God knows. He's awesome. I trust him with my life, all glory to him! If you get time sometime I would love it if someone would please pray for me regarding this, just if God puts it on your heart:)
God bless you guys! maybe one day I'll get to play at a show with you. Keep on loving God and loving people and be encouraged because you are really shining God's light wherever you go!

Brittany, 17, New Zealand :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for blogging! This was very encouraging!

Anonymous said...

me llamo Azarel
pues que pueda ser conforme a su corazon como David para poder
mostrar su Gloria a Mèxico y Africa y adonde pueda llegar para que sepan deque hay alguien que murio por ellos ...
y que siempre siempre el sea el motivo de mi vida
am y creo que ya pero yo se que el me ve mas grande por alguno u otra cosa El asi es....

bendiciones ....:D

Skout said...

My dreams are to make CHRIST centered films that are entertaining and pleasing to GOD!
also, i want to write a newsletter that encourages people, everyone from my best friends to actors and actresses in hollywood.
i want ot write books
use art to glorify GOD
be a teen pastor
sing in a band
and act...

yeah, thats alot to do, but i got one life, and im gonna do something with it!

this blog entry that you did is inspiring!
i hope someday i can meet you Leeland, Jack Mike Matt and Jake!
you are amazing examples of following GOD!

love and prayers to everyone who reads this!
GOD bless!

Candie Stiles said...

One of my dreams is to provide music therapy to as many people as possible who have disabilities. I also dream about going to India and working with the people there.

eilin(: said...

hi there(:I loved your last post, it was godsend, I was needing something like that.. ok
my dream is a huge one. I dream about helping poor children from africa,living with them,sharing my faith with them, bringing God happyness to their lives and families. I think God will help me with this as I am faithful to Him. I love Him and i just want to do what He wants me to do.
thanks, jack, you and the boys are such a blessing for me and for loooots of people.
love you all!thanks for care about us.
1 corinthians 2:9

Eilin, from Argentina.

Anonymous said...

my dream is to become a singer/ songwriting.. worshiping God wherever he calls me... ( preferably on a big stage :D)

Anonymous said...

My dream is to save the 2,000 kids in my high school. In this season, Jesus has really put it in my heart to reach out to people and show them what real love is, not the junky wordly kind.
You guys are awesome:]

cleo said...

Leeland's, thank you for being used by God to speak to us. What an encouragement.I always pray for you. God bless you a lot.

Ronnica said...

When I was 13 I went to Zimbabwe Africa. It was the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life. To go to church over there and see every single person dancing and singing their heart out and just praising God with all they have, even though they don't have anything. But here in america we have everything but can't even bare to stand to pray. Breaks my heart...anyway, ever since I went to africa I knew I belonged there. or not particularly there but in missions. and as my relationship with christ grew, my desire to go around the world spreading truth grew. I know without a doubt that's what i'm supposed to do. Now I just have to figure out how to go about doing it.
thats my dream.
&I know it'll come true.

You guys are so inspiring, and real. I hope every single one of yalls dreams come true.

when you're dream of starting community centers come true, I'd love to have part in it! =D


Anna said...

I couldn't help crying when I read your text. I felt God spoke to me through it, so thank you for sharing it.

I have no dreams right now, they have somehow died. I feel I can't do anything, I'm a loser and all that stuff.

"You can do what God says you can do." Encouraging.

I believe that God has something for me, some dream for my life hiding somewhere. I just don't know what it is. So if somebody wants to pray for me, pray that God will give me a dream and that I could dream again.

I'm hoping that I would see you in Finland some day :)

David Thomas LaChance said...

I def hear what you're saying Leeland. Here's my two cents (definitely the widows mite)...

Be faithful where you are, in the good works God has laid out for you and He will give the increase. If you are in His will and consecrated, taking up your cross daily and no increase ever comes then He wants you where you are; do we trust Him?. If we truly trust Him then we receive the blessing of not having to play with the fire of selfish-ambition and a discontented heart.

I always consider Joseph... He certainly had the faith that God could make him Pharaoh, but it never crossed his mind... he was just faithful where he was, never looked ahead... had some trials to test his readiness (which he passed) and God alone gave the increase. Life's a lot simpler that way... void of unGodly ambition, discontent, regret, frustration... if we follow the path of peace, the one He has already laid out then all is well.

The path we take and the decisions we make for the sake of God's Kingdom work may be ludicrous to the world, in fact they will be... but that's the nature of the cross and being a true follower of Christ... we can fulfill our ministry from first class of a luxury airliner traveling the world or from a prison camp... both come with their challenges... we are not to desire either one... but we are to be content with either one... He will work through us as we give Him place, no more, no less. Blessings.

Bekka said...

My dream is to create music videos or work in Hollywood. Pray for me I do need to spend more time with God.

PS:pray for me about it being my senior year.

Thiago Gomes said...

hey jack and band.
i'm writting from Curitiba, BRASIL.
it's amazing to see what god's been doing thru you guys already. it's really encouraging to read that. when you come to brasil to build one of those community centres call me!!! i want to see that too.

Allie said...

Let me start with a word of encouragement:: i have seen you guys perform twice during summer 2008, and your passion and love for Jesus shows right through. God has definitely placed you in an amazing position...to reach our generation!!
that is actually one of my dreams...I see so much hurt and so much brokeness in our generation, and know that God has placed that on my heart! i was at lifelight in Sioux Falls and decided after you guys talked, and many other bands talked about sponsoring a child, to sponsor one. I know this is such a small part of what God has for me, and I'm dreaming big!
thank you for doing what you do, and all to the glory of God.
"COUNT ME IN!!!" --you guys! :D Count me in to help show this generation the love of Christ! :)

Rachael said...

Living in small towns all my life it has been hard to find somewhere to really connect with God the way I want because I never had the oportunity to worship & pray with with people my age. It can be rough on the spirit sometimes when all you have to go on is God and the strength he gives us. But how great he is!!

My dream is to help young people want to hunger after God and to help give them a great fire for wanting his love, his passion and his grace! Youth are already so hungry for something that many times they seek after the first thing that comes to them, and I want that to be God.

Ray of light said...

I feel like God talk to my life at these moment, I ve been far away from he..
I work all the day and then im back to my home to spend the possible time with my daughter.. yes im a single mom..
who sometimes have the focus of the things and sometimes i just lost
but today ill my night, I need some time with God alone.
I need direction on my dreams...and believe that nothing its imposible for him.
soo thanks so much for the encouragement

and sorry for my english.. ;)

jesusfreak93 said...

wow! i love it when your posts make me break down and cry at how amazing God is.

i have a lot of dreams. but the ones i want the most are prayers.

i pray that my brothers and sisters would love each other. that they would come together as one and truely worship. not as baptists or methodists or pentecostals or whatever denomination but as the people of God.

i pray that my music changes people because it isnt me who writes it but the Spirit who is in me. not songs that make you cry the first few times you hear them but songs so powerful that God cant help but show up every time theyre played.

pray that God sends a Holy Spirit revival that blows our minds. that God does things through us that are so awesome that they cant be explained any other way.

i pray that God does all these things and more in ways we could never imagine.

and above all i pray that God perfect will is done on earth as it is in heaven.


Ester said...

WOW I am slowly catching up to all the blogs. I have been given several Visions of where GOD is going to use me. My dream is of me and a GODLY husband reaching out to the gang members, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.. and just LOVING them like Jesus. Today I was witnessing to a young man and it broke my heart that he wouldnt allow me to help him. I want to learn more. I want to do more and That is my dream.

Abi said...

i dream about an enourmous church in my city, guadalajara, mexico, a city that is highly catholic, a city that is also called the silent zone because its the least evangelized in my country, the place where theres the least amount of believers. i dream about a city at the feet of God.

Abbienormal said...

I never read blogs, but I'm so happy that the one blog I read was this this one. Anyways, my dream is to go into the medical field and do missionary work. I want to go to the most remote and most dangerous parts of the world where people haven't even heard the name of Jesus and are dying in the streets. I woudl try to heal them both physically and spiritually. God has blessed my life so abundantly, and has loved me so greatly; the least I can do is share it with others. He's made me adventurous, and He's put me through the challenges of depression. Those challenges made me realize how great His love is, and that I don't fear death at all. Where I go may be dangerous, but if I die helping someone and spreading His love, it'll all be worth it.

God Bless you guys. <3

Bradlee said...

My dream is to turn our world upside down. We've had revolutions all throughout history and I think its time for another one. I want to help our generation realize the impact they can make on our world. I also want to help out the less fortunate in places like Haiti and South America. And with God's help I believe I can make a differnce.

A.K. said...

My dream is to use my photography to make an impact on EVERYONE. That I would be able to travel to less fortunate countries documenting and working with people in need and bringing it back to the states so that people realize the reality and have something tangible to impact them so that they can help make the problems better (either by prayer or actually going out).
It's also my dream to be a traveling photographer with a band someday, just documenting day to day life. It would be cool if it were a Christian band so that I could document, not only them, but the people their impacting around them. Gathering stories of what Christ is doing in their lives.

Abbey said...

Wow that really touched me...honestly thank you for saying that! I mean especailly for me i've had my bad days recently where i just felt plain awful and just gave up on everything...but it's nice to know that God is always right their and he feels our confusion, our fears, and so many other emotions. Every body has a dream and i suppose all of yall are living it now...for me i don't know really what my dream is yet. I know what i want out of life but i don't know what dream i have for me. It's complicated to put into words exactly but...i know that theirs a reason why I'm here and you guys are here and everyone else...And i hope we all know the reason why!!! Thankz again for the encouraging words...it helps tons!!!


simplymurray said...

my dream is to help kids through counseling them out of the toughest things in life.. also to start a christian camp.

Princess Samantha said...

It's funny you put up this blog during my little circumstance.

StrongJoy said...

Wow, I was so blessed by all of these comments! It was amazing to read other kids are dreaming - sometimes I feel like I'm the only one of my generation who cares how I use my future. Thank you guys for your encouragement!

I dream I will work with youth - God has broken my heart for them and I will never be the same. It brings tears to my eyes to hear others echo that statement. I love your song, "Tears Of The Saints." That makes me dream....

Seize The Day!

Anonymous said...

Somebody said, "yeah, thats alot to do, but i got one life, and im gonna do something with it!"

Let's shout that from the rooftops!!! It's so awesome to see you guys writing out these things!!!! Let's not let these dreams go!!!

Ebby G said...

i have so many dreams...sooo many.

but one of them is to get into the whole twisted media/fashion/film industry and CHANGE IT, bring God into there. you would not beleive the amount of unreached people there...

and to stop human trafficking. STOP it.

and to raise a family of people that will go out and fulfill more dreams...

Im only 15, but God can use anyone, hey?

*heh, secret dream: to record amasing music and use any fame or whatever i would get from that as a witness...like you guys are doing

keep it up.

tbh, i was wondering if you guys really were giong foreward with God and stuff, or if you were just one of those *christian* bands that makes flippin amasing music.

well, read your blog for the first time today....and it encourages me so much to see that youre still giving glory to the one that gave you all of this.

my prayers=with you



Anonymous said...

ah! you guys are the coolest. :]

Anyway, I'm one of those people with huge dreams. I grew up as a missionary kid in Brasil, and I have to say that my greatest dream is to be used completely by God. I have a passion for missions, and while I could say this is my love for missions, I've come to realize it's God's passion in me. Does that make sense? I have no doubt that I will never be happy unless I go exactly where God calls. I also love photography. And my dream is to be a photojournalist/missionary. We'll see. Where He leads, I hope to always follow.

God bless y'all. You encourage me in so many ways with your music and through your blogs as well.

oh and right now i live about an hr from houston, im so tempted to go to y'alls church while im there sometime. haha.

Anonymous said...

i want to sing. i want to change people with my music. but it seems so impossible.

i also want to teach. i want to work in the roughest areas and work with elementary school students to help encourage them and teach them.

i just wish i knew what God has planned for me.. or what He wants me to do.

pray for me. and for everyone else here. that our dreams may be realized.

Marie said...

I love talkin' about dreams...

Some of my dreams...
-to travel even more
-To lead people to Jesus.
-To be healed (in my heart more) to be healed in my ear.
-To make a difference in peoples lives.
-To work with At Risk Children in the world (whether in the US or abroad)
-To adopt someday
-To be married someday
-To have children
-to learn another language
-to study dance
-to study more art
-to publish a book

Kerri Lyn said...

Wow this was wonderful. This spoke to me about what exactly i am going through. I have dreams, but have been scared to pursue them. But i really have faith that the Lord will put me where he wants me.

I dream that i can write and sing music that will touch people. When they here it they will know it is from God and it will touch their heart! To be a positive light for this world.

Bethany said...

I just wanted to share this with you guys. You guys were actually the inspiration behind this, really. I am starting to be the worship ministry assistant at my church. I've been at it for awhile but, I just wanted to share with you. I don't lead or anything. I am more behind the scenes. I help our worship minister pick out songs for some of the Sunday morning services and most of the special events (i.e. Mother's Day,Father's day, baby dedications and quarterly women's ministry events). We even used Opposite Way for our last women's ministry event.