Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Van Playlist & People in Costumes

Ok... so here's a sampling of the music we found yesterday...
  1. Roy Orbison  "You Got it"
  2. Bruce Springteen "Dancing in the Dark"
  3. Bon Jovi "Livin' on a Prayer"
  4. Lionel Richie "Dancing on the Ceiling"
  5. Tammy Wynette "Take me to your world"
  6. Jim Croce "Operator"
  7. Blue Oyster Cult "Don't Fear the Reaper"
  8. A-Ha "Take On Me"
  9. Anita Baker "Same Old Love"
  10. Thin Lizzy "The Boys are back in town"
Some of these songs are kind of crappy, but some are genius. Tell us what's playing on your iPods right now... we're music lovers and always interested in finding new stuff.

Currently Listening: Mates of State "Get Better"... Lee showed it to me. I love it!

-jack and the boys

We played at Universal Studios today! Amazing. And of course, we rode all the rides. Leeland saw a gang of random characters back stage and he got some pix. These are a bit creepy to me for some reason...


Tric said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! My ipod is currently playing Old Dahlonega by Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys. It's good stuff, check them out if you get a chance.

ashleigh said...

currently listening to:
The End is Not Near-Band of Horses

j'adore band of horses :D

Karmae Zitzner said...

I'm listenign to my Ipod on shuffle. Right now Nevertheless' "o'child" is on. Its pretty good. Until June's "sleepless" was on and Run Kid Run's "Love at the Core".... LOL. "The Pirates Who don't do Anything" Relient K version just came on. They are silly. Sleep for Sleepers was on a while ago. I don't remember what song but all of them are really good. That's i guess alittle bit of what I was listening to. My musics been on for a long time today so yeah. The Rocket summer just came on... lol... AHHH I killed a spider by accident... gross.


Sarah said...

Those pictures cracked me up! It's like Leeland was doing detective work to see what they were really up to...haha.

Actually...I am listening to this amazing song right now. It's called "May Our Praise" but I can't remember the name of the band who sings it...oh well. No really though, I was just listening to it's funny that you asked ;)

Hope you guys are doing well. You are continually in my prayers!


Bucky Fresh said...


Radiohead - "Myxamatosis". And the whole "In Rainbows" album.
Coldplay - Viva La Vida (practicing backup vox for our church's performance of the song tomorrow.)
Leeland - Wake up. Still hooked.
Lakes - Indian Lover
Eddie Vedder - Rise Up
Band of Horses - The General Specific

Amanda said...

Currently listening to "On the Whole" by Captain and Company, "I Go Just Fine" by Chelsey Scott.

StrongJoy said...

Curently listening? ENYA! I listen to her all day long...

Youg guys might check out Bruce Cockburn. He's pretty good - especially his CD, "Nothing But A Burning Light."

Seize The Day!

Amanda said...

On my ipod i am listening to Matisyahu. He is like a Jewish reggae rapper. He is actually really good.

Yannochka said...

My current on repeat iPod list:

1. Just bought "Hello Love" and am repeating "I will Rise" a lot.

2. By Your Side- Tenth Avenue North

3. Dancing Queen- ABBA ( I still want to see Momma Mia!)

4. Falling Slowly- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova ( song found on CT's iPod according to the iTunes site, good song.)

5. Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder from Into the Wild movie. Good song to jog too.

6. I'm Letting Go- Francesca Battistelli

7. Let Me Love You- Third Day

8. My friends own original guitar riff.

9. The Scientist- Coldplay ( I just love this song)

10. Sing, Sing, Sing- Chris Tomlin

Bekka said...

My MP3 player last played:
Rebirthing by Skillet
The great escape by Boys like girls

Those pictures are pretty cool but those people also creep me out.Pray for me I was coughing all night long.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't have an ipod or mp3 player, but I do have a portable CD player. Lol. I have 6 cds that I currently alternate in listening to. Here they are:

Opposite Way and Sound of Melodies-Your songs really inspire me so Sound of Melodies is currently most listened to.

Daylight and The Heat by NEEDTOBREATHE-Until recently they were my number 1 favorite band, but now they're tied with two others.


Alive and Transported and Portable Sounds by tobyMac-He's amazing.

Those are my Number 1 favorite bands (all tied). I really enjoy music that reaches down, grabs your soul and says "Hey, Pay attention!". lol. Thank you guys for your music! May God bless you and yours!

~Laura B.

P.S. I saw you guys at Spirit West Coast and you were amazing! Just wanted to add that. Heehe.

SuperJesusChic94 said...

haha how about a latin song well half latin the song is called
Dona nobis pacem
it means give us peace i sang it in choir in 4th grade it was fun HOORAY FOR HIGH ALTO'S AND ALTO SAXAPHONES!!!!!!!! lol im such a doorknob haha

Christin said...

I've been listening to an indie band from Texas called Gatlin Elms. Have you guys heard of them? They're awesome! Also been enjoying Tenth Avenue North and Brooke Fraser.

Heather Evans said...

Currently Listening to (and you should check them out cuz they are the up and coming amaze-tastic bands that are kind of unknownish..) : Copeland, Lovedrug, House of Heroes, Brooke Waggoner, Imogen Heap, Flower Dagger, Tyler James, Sarah Blasko, A fine Frenzy, Missy Higgins, Rosie Thomas and of course Leeland!

H e a t h e r E v a n s :)

shane said...

the RxBandits. "...and the battle begun"

I have it on idisk if you want it...
you really should listen to this.

shane said...

milla! said...

Long time. I have not spent days ago. I am studying, I have a test at the university of medicine :S.

Jack, I am 22 years old but, somehow, I have the original CD a-ha. ja.

Now, I'm listening to Alberto and Kimberly Rivera (please see his pageweb,they are incredible ..).

Well, what I have in my mp4 the usual: t-mac, Leeland, Sanctus Real, Chris Tomlim, Mercyme, jars of clay, third day, Hillsong United, Jason Upton.

Nothing different from what are known.

ok. Guy's check Latinamerica blog, leave a comment!!!

I love you, guy's.
Somehow, have become part of my life. That is why the love. You accompany me everywhere, all... boy's Leeland.
Kiss and Bless..
Milla :P

Hannah said...

right now I'm pretty much obsessed with A Fine Frenzy. I just got their CD not to long ago and LOVE them! Also Flyleaf is really good. And I just got The Fray's CD How To Save A Life (brand new, garage sale, $2!!!! I was excited!) I'm a huge music lover and I will see you guys at D2S in STL!!!!

Princess Samantha said...

Oh my goodness, you guys...

Have you heard Stellar Kart's remake of "Living on a Prayer"?

Hmm...who am I listening to? Well, currently I'm listening to this band called Leeland. Have you heard of them?? =) Haha

I've also been listening to This Beautiful Republic's new CD Perceptions, and I'm constantly playing "Feel Good Drag" off of Anberlin's website.

Now if you want new music, go for Seabird!!! But JFH said that their sound was almost exactly identical to Coldplay...

Christopher said...

Current albums for the ride to work:

Charlie Hall: The Bright Sadness
Leeland: Opposite Way
Fernado Ortega: The Shadow of Your if you do not have this, I would recommend obtaining it. Incredible (although its more relaxed, a non music from across the pond feel).
Diana Krall: Live in Paris. (Necessity for all jazz lovers)

Mikaela said...

Nice, just got back from a road trip. We were playing Family Force 5 nonstop, Bob Marley, and a bunch of random techno songs. "Take On Me" is awesome! :)

Kendra said...

I highly recommend Dave Barnes! He's from my hometown and is a very good musician! one of his good songs is "I always will".

Rachel said...

you should check out "friday on my mind" by the easybeats. amazing song. also try "no myth" by michael penn. another great song that noone knows. =]

serendipitysal said...

Here's my (eclectic) list for the past hour:
01. Remedy Drive: Daylight
02. Matt Nathanson: Car Crash
03. Mae: Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone
04. Matt Costa: Mr Pitiful
05. Leeland: Count Me In
06. Keane: Under Pressure
07. Dave Barnes: Good World Gone Bad
08. Travis: Flowers In The Attic
09. Coldplay: Viva la Vida
10. The Afters: One Moment Away
11. Mark Scibilia: Hope Anthem
12. John Mayer: Say
13. The Afters: MySpace Girl

And that, my friends, is why I'm having a good evening.

Lee and the gang, you fellas take care, from one Texan to a bunch of others. Lord bless y'all. Be safe and all that good stuff. Keep sharing 'cause we love hearing from you, and actually just plain hearing you, tune-wise and all.

serendipitysal said...

Next up on my iPod, one more notable song:

Travis: Driftwood (live)

(There's just something about hearing thousands of people singing along with your music, isn't that right guys?)

The live concert video to this song is pretty cool...

Anonymous said...

You guys were totally awesome on Saturday at Rock the Universe! Thank you for the opportunity to worship with you.

Okay so I am listening to some of my friends at church and their new project EPO. The song is called "Always Just the Same."

Leeland Forum said...

I LOOVE Take on Me by A-ha, it's an instant classic if you just add water. Also, I opened a Leeland fan forum for those who want to chat about Leeland and Christian music, as well as just talk.

Sarah said...

I've got a question for Leeland...

What model Rickenbacker do you have? I have been wanting to get one, and wonder if it's worth the money. I already have an American standard Telecaster.



mike d said...

gentleman gentleman, im going to let you in on a little secret.

Jesus Culture, Amazing Worship. Just listen to them, enough said.

If you look them up on itunes you may have to search Kim Walker.

How He Loves Us, unbelievable song!
You Wont Relent, maybe even better!!

Gary Andrew Clarke said...

Do yourself a favor and check out Duke Special (I think you will love him, particularly the album "songs from the deep forrest), The Delays and Snow Patrol.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Well at the moment i have been constantly listening to AFI
Good stuff!!
Check 'em out if you can
The Wombats "Let's Dance to Joy Division"
Good stuff too!

-Peace :)

kaa05007 said...

When You Are Near-Jeremy Camp :)
ahhh such a genuine song

Eunice Jun said...

ha, I'm listening to...
The Lord of the Rings soundtrack.
Ah well, Howard Shore is a genius.
what else can I say?

Mimi said...

Hahaha! i know im prolly posting on an old post. But thats funny.

Im listening (in my head cuz i dont got an Ipod on) to 'Opposite way' by you guys! LOL its been stuck in my head alday and wont leave!

Ingvild said...

I listen alot on Ingrid Olava (, Humming People (, Compass (, and Weather Report (some awesome jazz from the 70's).

Morten Harket (the frontsinger in A-ha) is actually the cousin to the nanny I had when I was young. Unfortually, I don't know him myself. But he has some realy good things going on now, so check him out.

Abby said...

listening to:
"COUNT ME IN"!!!!!! hope you guys are doing well, Jack said that you were in traffic on your way to Nashville. Be safe and have fun!!! (you deserve it)

India said...

Current song:
Desperate People- Hillsong United

What is usually playing on shuffle:
Decemberadio ( I am eagerly trying to learn as many of their songs as I can...seeing them in concert on monday!)
Chris Tomlin....lots and lots of Tomlin