Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike Update

We can’t thank you all enough for praying during this terrible time. Through comments on our blog, we know that hundreds of you are.

Baytown, Texas, on the east side of Houston, is our hometown. The entire area is currently without power. We have countless family and friends who will be without work for weeks to come. The financial toll that a disaster like Hurricane Ike leaves is unbelievable.

Somehow, the homes of all of us in Leeland are completely fine except for Mike's place. The ceiling caved in, and he's going to have to find another place to live. Our church sustained significant damage. There is standing water in the sanctuary. The roof/ceiling leaked tremendously and lots of ceiling tiles caved in. We will be unable to have services at the church building for weeks and the building will need major repairs. We just found out today that the damage to the roof is so bad that the buliding could possibly be condemned. We'll find out soon either way.

Our hope is to rally all of the support we can for all of the people in the place we call home. If it’s on your heart to help, please send a monetary donation to:

1002 Meandering Way
Attn: David Childress
Franklin, TN 37067

Please make checks payable to “Celebration of Life Church.” No matter the size, it all helps.

Thanks for the love. God bless each of you.

Leeland, Jack, Jake, Mike and Matt (Leeland)


Aleesa said...

Well, im glad you guys are doing well.
My friend Ryan got me interested in your music, and i think your all really really good(:
i just bought the Opposite Way cd,
and really like it.

but anyway,
your in my prayers,
and i hope for the best.

Skout said...

hey thx for the update!
i am so glad to here your homes and friends are OK!
i will let people know about the donations they can make!

love you guys!

jdawgofdoom said...

glad you guys are safe,
been praying daily.

i will see what i can do about money,
but you guys have my prayers for sure.

much love from Fredericksburg!
John W. Wylie

Ester said...

Hey guys, Im so sorry to hear about your church. Just remember one thing ok - you dont need a building to have Church. Church is wherever you gather to praise and worship and share the good news.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Houston too. Luckily my house is fine, but it is so hard to see all the damage. It's devastating. I cannot believe so many people lost the homes they grew up in..the homes they had first days of school in, graduations, first dates, etc. I couldn't even imagine how that feels to see your house in shambles like the ones I've seen. I know prayer is huge, but I wish I could do a little more. I wish I KNEW what more I could do.

Sarah said...

Hey Guys!! Im SO glad to hear that you are all alright and that your homes are alright. But im sorry to hear about yall's church. I have been praying for you and i will continue to pray!! I love you guys and i hope you guys can get this all fixed!! God Bless and your in my thoughts and prayers :]

Your Fan & Sister In Christ,
Sarah <3

Courtney said...

i too live in Texas, although we recieved bucket loads of rain, i live more North so we were spared the devastation that many are facing right now. thank you for updating about your hometown. i will be praying for those in your town as well as those who were attacked by Ike. i pray that through this horrific time, we would all come together and that the Lord would live through us and show His overwhelming love and joy to those around who may not know Him. thanks again for the update!

Cody Grissom said...

Dude. That is terrible. I'll try to get a check sent to you soon to help out. It might not be much, but like you said, ever little bit helps. I'll be praying for you.
Cody Grissom
New Sandy Creek Baptist Church, Henderson, NC

Becky said...

Dear Leeland I'm sorry about your church. I know how hurricanes can affect churchs and lives I actualy got to help do mission work near your town for a church hit pretty bad by Rita. I know it can affect you mentally as well physically. I will be praying for your familys, your church and everyone affected by Ike or just giving money.
One in God
-Becky (13) 1 Cor. 9:24

Julie said...

God has a plan! Even during disaster we can find joy in the Lord. I'll keep praying for you. I saw the disaster after Katrina. My husband and I did mission work near Biloxi a year after the storm, and the area was still devastated. I hope for the best for you Mike, and for all others who have suffered this with you. You don't need a building to have a church. Find Joy. We'll pray!

Anonymous said...

believe me i know what your going through, both my grandparents live in alvin, but my grandfather worked in the h&h near the baybrook mall, there is mass devastation in that area, as well as in pearland where my uncles has to replace floors, counters, cabinets, and windows in his house. my family was extremely blessed since the damage we sustained was just a few small holes in the roof. we are all without power, and my favorite radio show (lightforce) which plays ya'lls music was canceled because the dj couldn't get out of his neighborhood due to storm damage. i am incredibly sorry that so much destruction has fallen upon baytown, i will be praying for all of the storm victims just as i'm sure ya'll will be as well.

Rachael said...

I'm sorry to hear about your church. i hope all goes well, God has a plan, His glory will come. I'm praying for you guys. I know how ya feel.. here in florida we get a crap load of hurricanes, no matter what the damage be thankful for what you have. =]

Love you Guys!
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

praying for you guys..and baytown! it's my hometown. i got hit pretty bad in houston and only days w/o power and water was rough.. i can't imagine going much longer like that. once i get a break from work, i can't wait to help out!


Echo Mo said...

I am glad to here that everything will be alright, but we are praying for you guys over here either way. We live in a town just south of Houston, and the hurricane hit us pretty bad too, and we heard of the damage in eastern Houston. I am praying and I hope that your church will be able to be repaired and start going again soon.
~ Echo

P.S. I went to extreme camps this summer and you guys did a great job. Leeland's message was really great, and I read James like you said. =)