Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ike Update - NUMBER 2

Here's the good news, the power is coming back fast to our city. The damage, although was bad, could have been a lot worse. Texas and its national neighbors are working together fast and furiously to help us recover.

The grocery stores are starting to re-open but here are some of the challenges we still face.

Many people are without money and cannot resume their jobs until next week or the week after. So even though the stores and power are beginning to resume operations, they are having to rely on charitable organizations for food and water. Also, they are relying on charitable organizations for the financing of being displaced until their homes are restored. We also have many who have lost everything and we are going to have to step in and help until our national organizations like FEMA can help them.

On a personal note: Our immediate families homes only incurred a small amount of damage! Praise the Lord! Our church, on the other hand, as suffered a lot of damage. Sunday morning we will resume our worship service in the Parking Lot. Immediately following the service, we will begin passing out supplies to our local neighborhood.

Celebration of Life was founded six and a half years ago by my mom and dad (Todd & Cyndy Mooring). It is a vibrant, young church with a love for God and a love for their community. It is their passion and desire to see Baytown, Texas, transformed for the glory of God. We will try to send weekly updates and we thank you for every sacrifice and donation made.

Make donations payable to: Celebration of Life and send to:
David Childress
1002 Meandering Way
Franklin, Tennesee 37067

Thank you again for your prayers and support!



Skout said...

that is so cool to here!
(the part that you guys and your family is safe!)
i will continue to bring you up in my prayer!
tell your family that we all have been praying for them!
i want to donate to your church, and i wanted to know if i could send a letter to your church as well.
could you let me know on your next post?

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Praying hard for the people of your community and church.

In Him,


Luis said...

I'll Try To Help Out By Donating!
You Guys Should Do Like A Tour To
Help Out People In The Area!!
I Guess You Guys Should Of Asked
Us To Pray For Your Church Too :)

Derek Henbest said...

We love you guys. Praying God's best for the situation with your church and community...Keep inspiring with your awesome tunes. Strength to you all. Peace.

Maria said...

Hi... Well, when I received your e-mail I started to pray for you and your church, and I'm asking my friends to do the same.
Don't forget that God has the perfect plans for us, and He will help you with His powerful hands!
I praise the Lord because you're safe, and will be able to continue God's will!

GcbGirl said...

It's so wonderful to know that all your houses were safe (as well as your families) Praying so very hard for you guys... I'll be trying to get some money to donate to the church! :) Praying for the whole band as well as all of texis...

God Bless,

Chad Jarnagin said...

good to know. been thinking and praying for all that. i saw Childress last night at a showcase. miss him, and you all.


Sarah said...

I will see what I can do. I can promise prayer though! God is good and He has a plan through all of this!

Your church sounds like mine...young, ours is actually also 6 1/2 years old, and we still meet in a school auditorium. We are prayerfully moving along in the planning phases of expanding a house we bought to hold a 200 person service. Prayer is powerful!

Still praying...hope you guys are holding up well! I love to see all your smiles despite these hard times, it truly shows Christ working in you!

God Bless,

Julie said...

PRAISE GOD FOR PARKING LOTS!! We'll keep praying for you here in Michigan. We did get alot of rain and homes with flooded basements and water damage after the storm hit you, nothing like the devastation that you have gone through. With Christ we will all be O.K. I pray that much good comes out of this. With God's plan good will come. Keep your hearts and eyes open for the blessings. They are surrounding you. Even in the dark.

ransomed soul said...

Hey guys,

I'm grateful to God and glad to hear that your families are all ok. Mike, I'll be praying for some new digs for you.

I can't promise anything, but I'll do my best to send what I can for your church. God is in control....He tears down, but He builds back up, too. Very often better than before. I'm praying He'll do the same for your church.


Karen said...

Todd and Cyndy (and the rest of you guys),

Please know that we are praying for you and your congregation at Harvest in Riverside.

Cyndy, please email me when you get a chance—I think the moderator can give you my address. (It was wonderful to meet you and Todd and care for you in Anaheim at the Crusade.)

May the Lord mightily use you to minister to many there in Baytown! We will continue to walk with you through this by praying for you.
God is good.

Psalm 24

Much love to you all,
Karen Jacobsen

Echo Mo said...

Yay! I am so happy to hear that. There are so many miracles that have happened within the last few days! I am glad to hear that nothing was destroyed.
I will keep praying for your church; building, congregation and all. I am sure that everything will be restored to how it was before. If hurricane Ike was able to hurt it, God will certainly be able to bring it back up again! I am sure of it!
Praise God! And I will see what I can do about donations...
! echo

Paula said...

Great! thank you for the opportunity to minister to you all! :)
You all minister to we can bless you all. :)
Praise God!!

Laura said...

I'm from Baytown, and yeah, they got hit pretty hard. The church I was raised in flooded with over 3 ft., and the mall might just get shut down due to damage. Glad to hear you guys made it through, though. God has really be faithful through all of this.

Moose said...

i have been praying for you guys. it may be a couple of weeks before i can send a donation your way, but it is in my plans.
God bless you guys.