Saturday, September 13, 2008

Live Webcast

Tonight we're playing at Capital Christian Center in Boise, ID. We'll be streaming the worship service live, right here on our blog!

Be here at 7PM Central to watch.

-the leeland boys


Kelsie said...

you guys are so amazing! cant wait to hear you guys again!!! :)

Moose said...

is there any way we can help out?

Grace said...

YOU GUYS ARE SOOOOO AWESOME!!! What a blessing to go online and find out you are online LIVE!! I am so blessed, the Holy Spirit just jumped out of my computer and I felt like I was right there with you. Praise God! I also thank the Lord for the captions on the webcast because I have a hearing problem and with captions I can enjoy every word. God bless you all, praying for your church to be restored quickly. And Leeland--GROW OUT THAT GORGEOUS HAIR AGAIN!! Blessings to you in the Name of Jesus

Denise said...

awesome.I've been really blessed tonight. God even talked to me when i heard your songs and what the pastor said.

milla! said...

Their presentations are beautiful. I never imagine that!. I live far away, you know, Argentina.
And see them live .. was ... amazing.
Worship ... what is coming directly from heaven was beautiful. I do that in my meetings in the church as well. But I do not have the vocalist of red hair,
But that beautiful .. How could convey more presentations live? jaja
Take some photos now upload to LeelandLatin blog.
Guys, I want to meet you!
This worship God want here in Argentina.
It was incredible.
Without words ...
I am .. without words.
Love love ..

Milla :]
God bless you guy's.
post two time.. je lol

Anonymous said...

hey guys! I've been praying for you guys so much with this hurricane comming. I watched the live broadcast on the capital church in Idaho online, and I was wandering if I can send an offering for your church and where can I send it? Please let me know!!Please let me know at
Please let me know..!! :) Always in our prayers! ~Amber

Anonymous said...

I missed it!!!! You guys need to tell me sooner. Love you guys anyways. (:

Chad Jarnagin said...

i hate i missed that. we've been praying for all yo' TX fam.

Let us know how we can help if you all need it! FOR REAL.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming to Capital Christian Center. On Saturday night I was angry and hurt and just wanted to be left alone in my misery. I came to church to see you guys even tho' I just felt like sitting in the back and worshiping God was the furthest thing from my mind (other than know I should be doing it even in the "bad times"). Thanks to your singing, ministry and praising God, but the time I left the building I was feeling great and felt like a huge weight and cloud of doom had been lifted by God. Thanks for coming, you guys where just what I needed, when I needed it.