Saturday, September 13, 2008


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Denise said...

Im wathching you from argentina. you guys are amazing;

Anonymous said...

wow u guys are amazing live.
i herd u guys live new song one year it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

very cool.... though a bit much for my net connection apparently. the minute of normal, followed by 30 seconds of silence, then 30 seconds of choppy video with no sound... is starting to drive me more nuts than the usual level.

Andrea said...

this live streaming is SO great. I've never seen guysin for now, this is as close as I'll get! Thanks so much for doing this..

Sarah said...

I am watching! I love being able to "be there" without actually being there...!

I am glad to read that your houses were safe from the storm. God will restore your church, and He has a plan! I worked overnight last night at the hospital so I was watching the storm move in online and praying the whole night. I hope God is blessing you even through this tough time. Really what you are doing this very minute, worshipping God, is what Satan doesn't want you to do through this. But we must! God is in control and He is blessing you guys in His perfect will!

Okay, now back to watching the worship service! Glad to hear you guys are doing okay!

Still praying,

Anonymous said...

Hey! Awesome Job this evening....I watched here in Memphis! Can't wait to see you guys live hopefully soon in Memphis!

Erica Monroe said...

Loving the live worship service! It's really awesome, you guys should do this more often! Worshipping with Leeland at home is pretty cool. Thanks for leading us tonight, your hearts are so sweet for the Lord, and it really shows.

mike d said...

im listening to you guys right now and im pretty sure I give all myself to you is spontaneous. I love that you guys arent afraid to spontaneously worship. Amazing things happen in time of spontaneous worship.

Love you guys!
Mike D

Lisa said...

I'm so glad this was streamed live. It was amazing. You guys are awesome

Paula said...

Thank you so much for letting us see this worship service!
I was praising the Lord with you.

Eiler said...

It was a real blessing to watch you guys tonight. I go to school in Nashville, ten hours away from home, and things here are pretty stressful and different. To have this moment of worship with you guys from all the way across the nation was really incredible.

Thank you!

Paula said...

Wow! I thoguht it was over and then you guys were still on! LOL
Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing again. I was singin' along with you! LOL
Bless that church's heart for helping your church out too!
That's what the body of Christ is for! Praise His name!!

Jordyn Burton said...

Thanks for doing the live stream! I really enjoyed it.. It's kind of like being at one of your concerts.. :)

Praying for you guys and your church as well!

Madeline said...

yall are seriously my heroes!! saw u down here in Alabama last Thursday and ur cd hasnt been out of my player yet!! PROPS!

Rachael said...

You guys are amazing!!! =]] Keep Prasing... Come back to Florida!!!

Anonymous said...

Watching you guys from Baton Rouge LA. i know how you guys feel abouthe the hurricane. Gustav was one heck of a storm. my prays go out to you guys and your familys and all the things that God has yet to do in your life. haha love the break free they played at the end

milla! said...

Their presentations are beautiful. I never imagine that!. I live far away, you know, Argentina.
And see them live .. was ... amazing.
Worship ... what is coming directly from heaven was beautiful. I do that in my meetings in the church as well. But I do not have the vocalist of red hair,
But that beautiful .. How could convey more presentations live? jaja
Take some photos now upload to LeelandLatin blog.
Guys, I want to meet you!
This worship God want here in Argentina.
It was incredible.
Without words ...
I am .. without words.
Love love ..

Milla :]
God bless you guy's.

Sarah said...

I have to agree that the spontaneous worship is amazing. That's what God wants. For us to be senstive to His spirit in worship, and I was totally blessed by the worship tonight!

Anonymous said...

Awesome concert! I only saw the first 40 minutes or so and then I saw the last song and prayer, but I was still inspired and really loved it. You guys are so uberly crazy cool wicked awesome!!!!

Rachael said...

You Guys are amazing!!! Come back to Forida!!! =]]

Anonymous said...

wow i really needed that ... it was amazing... i watched it in my dorm room. AMAZING!!!
ill be prayin for you and your families back at home...

Mona said...

This was JUST what the doctor ordered. Praise and Worship with my favorite band, from the comfort of my own living room. It was excellent. God ministered to me, and I lifted up, as I hope you will, my son who is in college and gifted musically - born again, volunteer many years at SOULFEST, but has decided he's smarter than us christians now and doesn't need Jesus. (heavy mother's heart sigh here). Pray for Dan at Johnson State College in Vermont. Thanks guys. Rock on for HIM!
Mona, the alto lady in the soulfest choir.

Karen said...

Thanks for letting us know about the live webcast! I watched it here in Riverside, CA and worshiped with you.
Harvest Christian Fellowship is continuing to lift up you and your families in prayer.
I'm praying for your mom & dad's church body, too.

God bless you,
Karen Jacobsen

A.K. said...

Im really thankful that I was actually there praising and worshiping with you guys. Im also thankful I got to meet some of you but I hope to actually get to chat next time you're in town. That would be rad.

barethecross85 said...
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barethecross85 said...

Hey guys,

Amazing job tonight. its a true blessing to see some people get up and truly worship and amazing God! Just want to say thank you for letting God use you and showing a new generation what true worship and being a christian is all about!
I really pray for God's blessing and his favor upon your lives and that more doors be opened up for you guys!

Thanks and God Bless

Skout said...

dang it!
i so wish my internet was faster!
i want to see you guys in concert!

Skout said...

srry i shouldnt have said dang
(and u dont have to put this through lol)

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, I hope you can keep doing this in the future...God bless!
I'll be watching from Chicago

cleo said...

I like so much to see this video. God bless you brothers. Thank you for bless your lives with this precious songs.

GcbGirl said...

Hey guys!

I didn't really need to watch this video, as I was at GCB live this night, but I decided to take a look... you guys are AMAZING! It was so powerful Friday and Saturday night... thanks so much for coming to ID and visiting the church! come back again real soon!
(and I mean REAL soon!)

Praying for your church as hard as I can...

Anonymous said...

we love u guys...we're prayin in hot springs for ur church to be restored quick. we can't wait to c u when u get to little rock on halloween. we'll have to go do somethin. but keep bein that great inspiration to millions. we love u all.

In Christ,
Seth Glidewell