Friday, September 5, 2008

Life in the Van

We woke up this morning after a nice show last night in Dothan, Alabama. By the way, did you know that Dothan is the peanut capitol of the world? Any ways, we got in the van and made a little stop by Krispy Kreme. All the guys have pledged to eat extremely healthy for the rest of the day after having the worst breakfast possible.

We're driving to Orlando right now... on our way to Universal studios for Rock the Universe festival. I think we're going to get into the park tonight and ride the Hulk... another life changing ride similar to the Ride of Steel. I also want to find the Harry Potter park that's under construction. Leeland live... in Hogwarts? Sorry, I'm a dork.

Oh... and we didn't bring an FM transmitter for our iPods... no cd's either... so we can only listen to the radio. :-( But, we've found that you can find the most amazing music on the radio if you look hard enough. In a little while we'll be posting our van playlist. It's going to be kind of random, but what isn't random with us?

Playlist coming soon...



Anonymous said...

leeland live at hogwarts would be epic. two of my favorites..that would be awesome.

Madeline said...

yes siree we are definately the go to people if u want some peanuts!! haha who knew...?

Paula said...

Be careful driving!!!
(that's the mom in me...sorry) and be careful with all these tropical storms and hurricanes!
Just be careful...that's all. LOL

It'll be interesting to hear the playlist. :)
Take care guys!

Heather said...

haha, great.. Yeah, eat healthy.. and exercise after that one! haha. It was good seeing you guys last night in Dothan, albeit a bit loud. n.n; haha. But yeah.
Keep serving and honoring God, first and foremost,
Heather :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Miranda, it would be phenominal if you played at Potterland when they open next year! as they are some of my favourite books and you guys are my favourite band, it would be a perfect mix :)

Love, Christina

Dolly said...

life in a van, poor baby. i hope you don't get carsick. jack i want to thank you on behalf of all your myspace friends for knowing the REAL meaning of love. i feel the love hon, every time you blog. enjoy orlando and remember, i'm the one responsible for shoving hanna out of the way, and i plan to keep ike away from you too! oh wait, that wasn't me, that's God. but i talked to Him about it. well, be safe and happy. wish i could be there to worship with you and to sing along. love, dolly

Surrender Apparel said...

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Dolly said...

oh just one more thing; THE JOY FM! best radio in the whole state! 91.5 where i am. enjoy! and you know you can hear ANYTHING you want on the internet. i do every time i log into my own myspace.

Sarah said...

Enjoy your time in the van! It might remin you guys of your early days in your small van before you got to use buses ;)

Hope you guys drived safely! I am curious to see the music you succumbed to.

God Bless,


Debra Bergquist said...

hm...Leeland live at Hogwarts?
Simply fabulous! :D
I wish y'all would come to Atlanta, Georgia.
COME and I will definitely COME and see y'all. I saw you guys at a conference last year in Tennessee and it was amazing! I absolutely fell in love with y'alls music and bought your cd the day it came out!
Give my love and prayers to the others,

Christopher said...

That's a nice minature Lovelace you have there on the dash. Hope you drive safely and enjoy the ride (and the joys of scanning the radio).


brieanne said...

just found your blog...cant wait to see yall at triumph next week...WELCOME HOME!

Bekka said...

Very nice.I love listening to music a lot.So have fun traveling.


Emily said...

haha you named some of my favourite songs! (ie. "Take on me", "Don't fear the reaper", etc.)
However.. I'm currently listening to Phil Joel's new album ("The New Normal") and I'm also patiently waiting for Mesh-29's new album (indie band from the UK=amazing!)
So I recommend checking those out!
Peace! :)

Christine said...

sweet, i live in Alabama! besides that anyway, hogwarts with you guys living there, haha! Jack would be expelled for trying spells on people!