Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mr. Gustav

We had another wonderful weekend. We started off by flying to Phili and driving to RevGen festival in New Jersey. We had a great time opening for Chris Tomlin and the crowd was fantastic! The next morning we woke up and flew to Omaha, Nebraska then drove to Sioux Falls, SD for LifeLight festival. This is probably the band's favorite festival by far. It's free... so there's about 200,000 people attending. We opened for Michael W. And I think we played to about 120,000 or so. Unbelievable.

Any ways, everyone is back home now and we're waiting to see what this hurricane is going to do. It's not going to hit Houston straight on, but we will get some fall out. Probably a lot of rain and maybe some flooding. Please pray that our houses stay safe. And pray especially for the people in Louisiana because it's headed straight for them.

We're going back out on Thursday so also pray that we don't have any problems getting there.

Thanks everybody!



milla! said...

freeee?!!!!!! you are kidding me!!!
tha is amaizing!
I so happy for you guy's.. and you may be sure that i pray for you!
and Bless
From here :P

Pam M. said...

Hi guys,

I will be praying for you all, as well as for those in Gustav's path.

I was at RevGen over the weekend and got to see you all perform. It was my first time ever attending RevGen and my first time ever seeing you all. I was just blown away and blessed by your music, and by the way you connect with the audience. You guys are just stunning.

I also got to see you interviewed in the tent after your set. I sat to the side of the stage near the steps, and afterwards, when you got up to leave, a woman came right up to you, Leeland. She wanted to just talk with you and then I watched someone else come up that wanted a picture taken with you. You were very patient and kind with both people as you afforded them both their requests; no doubt the way Jesus treated those who came up to Him with their many requests. I thought that was so sweet of you.

My prayer for you guys is that everywhere you perform, the people who see you, hear your music and see your relationship with Jesus played out on and off stage, will realize just how desperately they want what you have.

Keep rockin', stay well and I hope to see you guys again.

Grace and peace,

Sarah said...

I will be praying for your houses and protection from the hurricane!

You guys do so much traveling but it's so neat to see you in God's will. I have no doubt your music is touching lives just like it has touced mine.

You guys should do a post answering questions sent in by us. Ones that have never been answered like why does Leeland have red hair and Jack doesn't? (Just kidding, I think only God can answer that!) But really, it would be cool to have an interactive post like that!

I noticed Leeland and Matt are both left handed but play guitar right handed. I also play guitar right handed, but am left handed. It was nice to see I am not the only strange one out there ;) I know you are left handed too, Jack. Are you guys ambidextrious in other things? It probably helps with playing keyboard (which I want to learn!). I think God made us leftys just to be special and confuse all those rightys. Haha...:)

Praying for you all!


Bekka said...

Praying for you guys.Hopefully see you at Dare 2 share =]

Johana said...


Kristin said...
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