Monday, August 4, 2008

Kingdom Bound (Day 1)

We woke up a little earlier than we wanted to today. Loaded in all our gear, and now we're hanging out in the dressing room waiting to sound check. And oh... we just heard that there is a huge tropical storm (hurricane potential) headed to Texas. Hope it doesn't hit us.

Mike... havin' a little dessert.

Leeland in the work out room. Doing some pilates possibly?

Jake's lifting some mad weights here.

This is the front door (the only door for that matter) of our little home for the day...

Mike can sleep anywhere.



Mike's his own drum tech.

Ok... so when the airlines are charging us a million dollars per check in, you have to get pretty creative. Here we've tied the snare and cymbals together, turning two into one. Take that Delta!

The view from Leeland's microphone.


Aaron. said...

Now MILLIONS of people have Mike's number... Just so you know.

C.K_Martin said...

Wow. Texas always hits heavy with the weather at random times.

Jake has got nothing on my skills yo. haha

I also just wanted to know if you guys were performing at the SOAR conference in Lindale, TX. I keep getting mixed signals. Thanks!
Hope you guys a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys are having a great time! Your ministry is blessing and saving people everyday. God will be very pleased with you, therefore you will be very pleased with the many crowns you receive.
Oh and yeah. Mike your number is pretty much in broad daylight.
I think you may want to fix that...

Well, anyway. I hope you guys have a blessed trip and I pray that Satan cannont prevent you from anything!!!
Because he can't, if you don't let him. :)
Okay, well. BYE!

Much love and prayers,

Alayna Robertson. :)

Bekka said...

I hope that storm does not hit you guys.That would hoover.Well have a good time!!!!

Rising Sun said...

Wow I so badly wish I was at Kingdom Bound! This is the first time in 4 years that I haven't been able to go. Have extra fun for me since I'm stuck in Vancouver... apparently moving out here does have it's disadvantages :(

Anna said...

hey ! Jack, thanks for your comment on my blog =) Hope you guys have an awesome day... I love this blog cause it keeps us so updated!!!

Anna said...

p.s.... jake's and leeland's hair cuts look good!

Mona said...

Thank you for blogging, and for making cool videos, and keeping your fans up to date on your lives. I will always appreciate your sense of humor - all of you.
You make my day.
~the alto lady in the soulfest choir

Tripline said...
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Tripline said...

Even if that 'cane comes, He'll give you peace in the midst!

Anonymous said...

Wow I had no idea the airline charged you guys so much money per equipment but then again I've never had anything weigh more than 50 lbs on the plane =P. I hope you guys have a blast playing at Kingdom Bound! I love the picture from Leeland's mic.

In Christ,

Samantha Santana

Pilgrim Worship Band said...

fifa! hah.. sweet.. quick question to leeland:

Which soccer team do you like the most? club/international..


Dustin & Samantha said...

I just posted a blog containing pictures from spirit west coast with YOU GUYS in it. A few pics and one youtube video! :) Check it out?

Anonymous said...

I was there and i loved it so much

Anonymous said...

mikes number? i dont see it