Saturday, August 9, 2008

Africa - Blog 2

I'm in Malawi and we're having a great time. God is moving in this nation and the people are so hungry for God here. They're walking for hours to come this event and tons of people got saved tonight. The worship has really been amazing as well. It was so intense! We sang "With Everything" a song on the new Hillsong record "This is our God". I've got to post the video because everyone was singing to the top of their lungs and shouting for spiritual victory in Malawi! So powerful. And tomorrow we're going to an orphanage here in town... so we're so excited to meet the kids. I think they have a special program prepared for us. Mike is hoping to play some soccer as well.

The internet is pretty slow here, so uploading pictures is almost impossible. It would probably take hours... but I'll definitely post some pix and video as soon as we get back to the states!

Oh... and today we went into the market and bought some souvenirs. It was hilarious! We were all bargaining and haggling the prices. Theses guys are pretty aggressive salesmen and when they see an American the price starts sky high. It was really fun and we got some pretty cool stuff. Jake ran out of Kwacha (Malawi's currency) so he ended up trading his leather wallet and his watch for some stuff! haha.... it was amazing. I think he got taken on that one.

Tomorrow is the last day. I'll be back with another update. Be blessed and encouraged and please be thankful for all the God has blessed us with as a nation! Trips like this totally put my life back into perspective.

Talk to you tomorrow.



Rachel said...

Wow, sounds really sweet!! My History teacher is a missionary to Namibia. I Know for a fact they love soccer. Haha. Our whole class signed several soccer balls to send to the kids in the town where she had lived in. It was a great experience. =) Ill be praying for y'all!!! Have a great time!

Paula said...

Hey Guys!
Great news! Let's pray the Lord will send revival to the U.S. so we can praise Him liek the saints there!
Watch may want to bring a few of those babies back with you from the orphanage! :)
Take care guys! Praying for you!!

milla! said...

happy for you.
love... and more love!

Sarah said...

I wonder how they knew that you all were from America (haha). All with blue eyes and lovely brown, blonde and fire red hair. You guys need to not look so American ;) Leeland could totally look African if he wanted too...

Kidding of course, but that is funny how their economy works. I am sure the salespeople knew they won that trade with Jake.

It is awesome to hear what God is doing there. I will continue to pray for opportunities and for hearts to be touched. I bet you guys will be unbelievably blessed tomorrow at the orphanage. There is something about kids that can really speak to your heart.

Keep safe!


Samantha plus Dustin said...

I am glad that the concert was so moving and such a blessing to everyone who went! Worship is my favorite! I know that tomorrow at the orphanage you guys will really touch the hearts of all who live their. I visited an orphanage in Mexico last year and to see and watch the kids participate in Holy activities brought me to tears because they hold God so close to their hearts and have so very little to give yet they are hungry for the Truth. And I agree with Paula, the U.S. needs a lot of awakening!

Continue to be the Light and God bless,
Samantha Santana

Bekka said...

Hey there,that sounds totally amazing.I can't wait to see the video and pictures.Also I hear the people are very like open to the gospel which I find totally amazing.Hope your having a good time.
Much love &hearts,

Anna said...

thats awesome! I LOVE "With Everything" I wish I could have heard your guys play it...

Angela said...

It's great that you all are ministering in Malawi. My husband and I are missionaries in S. Africa and love seeing fellow Americans reaching out.Thank you for blessing those people!

Jon B said...


Just wanted to say you guys rocked at Desperation in Colorado Springs and thats awesome your in Africa, I went on a 2 week missions trip to Kenya Africa this past June, the people there are awesome. : )

Esther said...


It was an amazing trip wasn't it! I was part of the Canadian team that was there as well! What an absolutely amazing, life-changing experience! YC was an experience in itself, what a passion they have for God!

Thank you for your ministry!