Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Power of the Gospel is Love

Knowing God is this simple. Love God with everything and love people (Matt:22:37-39). When we seek God in prayer and studying his word, we build up our spirit man and the fleshly desires pass away. Not only can we draw close to God by prayer, but by actions of love to others around you (1 John 3:18-19). Love is the power of the Gospel because God is love and when we love others we fill ourselves up with more of God.(1 John 4:16)

We are called to love others because we're in love with God. You notice Jesus said first love the Lord God with all your heart then love your neighbor. Loving people should be a reaction to the action of Jesus dying for you and your sins. It's not a chore or a duty, but it's realizing God loved and forgave me, so that I might love and forgive others, and when I have hate for others I have hate for God and God does not dwell in me because love does not dwell in my heart. You can't separate people and God. Your actions to people are also actions to God. Jesus said "if you've done it to the lease of these, you've done it to me"(Matthew 25:40)

It's not easy to love others. It's easy to love God because God's love isn't conditional and will never fail us, but Jesus said even sinners love people who love them (Matthew 5:43-48). The true demonstration of God's love is loving everyone, even your enemies. The only way that you and I can effectively walk in love is realizing that your life is no longer to be lived for you and your desires, but it's for God. My life is not my own. Once we truly turn our whole self over to God, we set our hearts at rest in his presence and life.(1 John 3:18-19, Matthew 16:24).

Thanks for reading and know that I love you guys.



Joel Spencer said...

Good stuff. We need a life based in the reality that it truly is no longer I that live but Christ in me. I am dead - my carnality and flesh died with Christ and I'm now a new creation.

Love is now simply a (super)natural reponse to being that new creation.

milla! said...

It's amazing what you post here. You're Pastor more than you think.
You know, I needed to hear what they wrote. And without knowing you yourself, helped me more than anyone else. Thanks, Lee.
I needed to hear that .. (or read)
Thank you.
May God bless you.

Skout said...

Leeland, your words are so true.
i hope that as i grow in my walk with the Lord each day, i can develop a faith and a wisdom that you have.
God has really blessed you with this wisdom, all of you.

Viviana said...

Great Message!I Needed to hear that today. I love what you do for the kingdom of Heaven :o) it is so true what you wrote and what the bible says. The power of the Gospel is truely Love. Thank you Lee!! Love you guys and God Bless you always!!

tiffany said...

i agree with everything that has been said and know in my mind it is the best way to live.
practically speaking, how can we reconcile God's best with what has become our worst ,so far as relationships with other(s) go.?
when the lines between love and hate become blurred,and we are dealing with our own consequences,is there anyone God does not want me to love and forgive?

Paula said...

Hey Leeland!
This is kinda what our Pastor was taling about on Sunday.
We are a 'mixed' congregation. We have our Hispanic brothers and sisters who meet down stairs and we English speaking people meet upstairs.
Our Pastor talked about loving each other even in our differences...cultural and otherwise.
It is a blessing to be in a body where we're not all the same 'color'... Our Pastor said that is what the Lambs Feast will be like! All different peoples from all nations. PTL!
Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

Oh...I forgot to mention we worship together sometimes. We used to all the time. :)
It's a blessing.
The bigger thing is we have to deal with our prejudges toward each other. It's been a blessing!
Take care!

Dolly said...

Leeland, you are so annointed; every word you say, every thought you think is in Christ. He has blessed you with talent and wisdom and we appreciate that you share it all with us. Listening to you minister and sing with such reverence brings a tear to my eye and restores my faith in today's youth. Thank You God for blessing Leeland... and me!

Sarah said...

Amen Leeland!

Sometimes we get so caught up in knowing all about the Bible and how we should live and we forget about love. God has recently been showing me to get back to the basics. Once you are loving Him, and the people around you, so many other things will fall into place. Thank you for the reminder here!

I also love how when we meet new people, especially Christians it's like something "clicks". I often feel love for people I have just met because I know about God's love for them. This is something not seen in the world, and I am just in awe of it. God really did mean it when He said that love was the most important thing of all. I have always been a visual person so the picture God paints in the Bible about being filled with His love to overflowing so that we can bless others with love has always come to mind when I think about love. The picture is so true! We need to be filled with God's love and then that love can bless others.

Thanks again for the post. I love you all as well! :) May God continue to bless you guys!


Anonymous said...

I definitely needed to read that. Thanks for posting that. May God bless you and yours!

Sarah Flores said...

I agree! It's all about Love. The love of God shining in us and through us....

Thank you for this!

More than Blessed,

Srta Medeiros said...

Hi, Leeland.

It is nice to read it from you. We are youth of a nation (I mean, world), that embraces robots and fire people. However, LOVE is our ammunition. God gives us everyday, a little bit more of love, hide it in the ground, is selfishness. I love you indeed, guys.

God bless us.

"Smile to the ones that smile to you, convince the ones that do not, but make someone happier today" - Helisia


amanda fawn said...

That's an awesome post & something we need to remember every day. Spread the love!
However I think it's also important to realize that when we truly turn our whole self over to God, our hearts may not be set at rest right away. When we give our lives to God 100%, this may mean letting go of some of our goals/dreams, whether it's just for the moment or forever, & that could bring a battle upon your heart.
If you're a follower of God though, He brings rest in the knowledge that His will & His timing are perfect. We can have hope in the fact that God is greater than our hearts, & He knows everything! [1 John 3:20] And once we're able to let go of our own desires, there is incredible rest in His presence.