Sunday, August 3, 2008

Buffalo, NY... Superman here we come

Hey... it's jack here. Some of you may know that I took a couple of weeks off because of some health problems. Thanks for all your prayers! I'm back now, and we're in NY state for a couple days playing Kingdom Bound festival at Six Flags. I love theme park festivals... we're definitely going to hit up the Superman ride tomorrow. It's so life changing.

Any ways, this is our new blog. We'll be posting tons of updates and random odds and ends from life on the road. You're gonna hear from all the guys. Give us a comments and let us know how you're doing. We're just hanging out in the hotel right now. Lee and Mike are down in the workout room right now. Pictures soon to come.

Much love! Talk to ya tomorrow.




carly said...

hey guys.hope yall have tons of fun on that life changing superman ride...which is pretty amazing if i might add... <3 :] \m/

Bekka said...

very cool..I've never been on the rides at six flags...i am not bitter

Anna said...

woo-hoo - new blog - yay!!!
God Bless you guys - you rock =)

jennalove. said...

awh, i'm sorry you were haveing health problems.
i'll make sure to pray for you.
but, i'm glad your better now.

i just recently saw leeland in arlington,

ya'lls music really speaks to me.
god bless you guys!


Johana said...

hey nice!
we notice soon! and pic too!
love you!

bmpoet said...

yeah blog!! this sounds like an interesting trip... have fun stay well. and just want to let u know, that everytime i listen to your music i pray for you. and i listen to you guys quite a bit. :)

Pilgrim Worship Band said...

Nice to see you all on blogspot! Best blessings from the Lord!

Pilgrim Worship.

Tripline said...

Have you guys ever performed to Philly, PA? Please say no, I wouldn't forgive myself for missing it. Love your ministry! Have fun in Buffalo, I was there this time last year.

Bethany said...

It's kinda funny that I ran by this tonight. I noticed that you were listening to Rattattulie(sp)soundtrack. Our young adults group at church was watching that a couple weeks ago.