Friday, August 29, 2008

At the gate...

We woke up at 4am again, and came to our new home... the airport.

c ya in New Jersey.

-the leeland boys


milla! said...

Jack... i love you laptop! jajaja.
I want to travel the world too!
Guys .. thank you very much ..For all .. :]
Kisses ..
and break the heavens, so that the flow Spirit as you always do it!
ps: Argentina won gold medal in soccer (futbol), know jack? jaja
love! from here!

Anna said...

ha,ha! get some sleep!!! =)
Bless you guys for what you're doing - it is tiring, but so worth it!!!

SuperJesusChic94 said...

haha you guys look like my youth group after nationals for fine arts in NC except we were kinda sad but happy that it was so much fun to fly to nationals and definently to make it there

Anonymous said...

On Saturday, August 30, in Sioux Falls, SD, you sang a closing benediction. What was the name of the song? Thanks for your ministry and your message of hope.