Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kingdom Bound Vlog

We had a pretty serious conversation about candy bars in this video.

matt- butterfinger
jake- twix
lee- kit kat
jack- expensive european chocolate that he can't afford
mike- undecided... likes them all

We want to know your candy bar of choice... c'mon let us know. Peace!



millaray said...

Good man!
I hope you are well. We listened to CNN, that there will only be winds and a tornado may pass through Texas, but nothing serious.
We continue to pray for you.
Thanks for stopping by Leeland Latin America.
He gave us encouragement to continue with the project that started just two days ago!
Much love!!!

Katie said...

Personally, I don't discriminate against anything with chocolate in it...though, I must say that I am partial to Twix. Hope the shows have been going well! Stay safe, have fun, and God bless!

Anna said...

ha! thats fun!
I am with Jack - I don't eat no cheap trashy candybars =) lol

What's it like playing soccer while listening to yourself sing? Must be used to it by now =)
Thanks for the video - It's so great being so up-to-date!!!
hope you all have a great night!

Kayla said...

My favoriite would have to be Kinder! It's a german chocolate, and boy let me tell you-it's amazing!
You guys shuld try it!

But as for american candy, i'd probably have to go with a baby ruth!

Yeah, it seems like it would be really odd hearing yourselves....?..but like she said, you must be used to it!

Have fun!
God bless you guys!

carly said...

im going to go with reese cupss.always biting the edges off and saving the smooth part for last.yum. :p
anywayss rock on \m/

millaray said...

Support: Kaila!!!!
KINDER. That is the best chocolate tested so far!
but, if I have to choose one U.S. definitely Twix-
(two comments on the same story ... I'm excited. Forgiveness)
jajaj LOL
and Love!

Anonymous said...

Beach balls and candy bars equal good times...I only have one question. When did Jake get a haircut so he would look like Radar?

Anonymous said...

Ferrero Rocher would be my fave....

I like that we get to hear "Tears of the Saints" playing in the background while the guys try to kick the beach ball in to the camera. 8-)

Dolly said...

wow lee, you look good in short hair! more mature; you probably like that, baby face! lol.

jake's is gonna take some getting used to; ok i'm used to it...

jack, this is gonna sound weird but i like the solid "seasonal" chocolates from SavALot. lol. you know, like santa in december, heart in february, bunny in april... other than that, i keep a back of hershey's kisses by my computer. anyone want a kiss?? MUAH! blessings to you all!

Joseph said...

That was hilarious..that candy bar conversation went pretty deep...and was pretty long..I am a big fan of Twix...but I also really like Snickers...and Crunch bars...and poop...except not.

Anonymous said...

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup...


and that's without a doubt

Anonymous said...

All you need is Nutella.

Puts a smile on my face, its that simple.

Anonymous said...

i like twix and kit kat bars and the dark chocolate thingy mabobbers and these little chocolate balls that come in a red bag and have gooey chocolate in the middle are the best of all!!!! you should find them and fall in love!!! ^-^ heehee

Anonymous said...

oh hey by the way Jack/Leeland. I came out to Nashville and decided to see my friend Geoff from Satellites and Sirens and found out that the guy who signed him also signed you guys and I was out there talking with them. He seems like a really nice guy. Just thought that was interesting. Well, hope you guys are enjoying your off time... byes

by the way seriously you guys have the craziest coolest drummer ever...

and Jake, you are so out there its awesome.

Jack, I saw that candy you were eating in Australia and dude wow it did look good. What a great way to spend a pay check lol. Also one more thing, just wanted to tell you a long while back you made that vid at early o clock in the morning about jesus comparing heaven to a mustard seed. Just wanted to say I still use that to reach out to people. It was an awesome burst of randomness =]


YorkisYaniris said...

haha... i love Twix! two for me and none for you! =]
but heck i dont care what it is as long as it has chocolate. =]]
you guys are awesome by the way.. God bless

Anonymous said...

In honor of the 2008 oplympics my top choices are as follows:
In third place and winner of the bronze medal, the ever-classic Reese's cup.
In second place and winner of the silver, the nougatos...tic Snickers.
And in first place, the overall champion who takes home the GOLD, give me a break! It's the Kit Kat Bar.
But all chocolate is good chocolate. Unless it has coconut in it. Then it's just disgusting.
Lee, your tranformers guitar is pretty boss.

sandy said...

Mr. Goodbar and Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Twix :P

Samantha plus Dustin said...

I'm gonna have to say Snickers w/ almonds :)

p.s. please fix your merch link on your myspace soon because i want to buy a shirt soon =p

God bless & love,

Samantha Santana

LoveInhabited said...

Kinder! Hands down... the only place I could find it though was in Europe.

Leelandlover13 said...

I love kit-kat bars. Kit-kat bars are so good. I'm on Leeland's side (as usual).

thegirlwhocriedlove said...

So I totally met you guys yesterday at Kingdom Bound and it made my day.
oh wow, I'd have to go with Jack's answer on this one, foreign chocolate rocks, but I love chocolate in general. I love how "Tears of the Saints" was playing in the background well you were playing soccer, it's my favorite song ever of all time. Was that tent in the meadow? I think I'm tearing it down tonight. I can giggle like the silly girl I am and talk about how "leeland was playing soccer with a beach ball right here!!" Good Luck in Africa!!!

Paula said...

3 Musketeers because my husband...before he was my husband...used to sneak a candy bar up to me in the library. We weren't supposed to eat in there so I put it in my purse most of the time...other times I'd sneak and eat it.. LOL
You guys are great! Hope to see you sometime! :)

BurttBunch said...

I love 3 Musketeers! And Carmello with apples...at least the apples makes it healthy...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hershey's chocolate because Mars candy tests on God's amazing creatures

Angela said...

I love REESES peanut butter cups
!!!! yum!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you guys, keep doing a great job!

Elizabeth said...

Well..I work at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney - so I'm now partial to ridiculously good Swiss Chocolate...mmmmm....next time you guys are in Sydney I would highly reccommend a Lindt milkshake - you will probably want to have an altar call after you've tasted one

Ayla said...

Dude, Leeland, how many guitars do you have?!?!
i can't even begin to count them out!

I'm totally with Jake on this one, ice cream is the best!!!!!!
Believe me! I'm an ice cream scooper for Baskin Robin's hahahaha

you guys rock! peace out

Hand Painted By Mona said...

I love my mounds...mmmmm...dark chocolate - coconut!! woo hoo

Anonymous said...

I definitely caught the Houghton show at Kingdom Bound!
The girls with the signs? That was my group.
I had one for Carried to the Table, but you didn't play that one.
Great show, though!

[Oh, and I'm personally a fan of Snickers, Milky Ways, and Three Muskateers but I can't eat them because they're made by Mars and animal testing so I've been sticking to Hershey products.
Reese's, Take Fives, and KitKats are good. ;D]

Skout said...

well im not that much of a chocolate eater....
i prefer gummi bears and sour worms and skittles! lol

Anonymous said...

Loved all the videos, they were awesome (and completely fun-ilarious) and I just wanted to say that Reese's, no matter what, is the very best in the whole world, but Twix runs a very close second... :) Pretty much anything will do though... hehe

Anonymous said...

oh and i love the haircuts, leeland & jake, u guys rule! (so does everyone else, lol, like bobby lynn doe - he's the bomb) :P

Abby said...

I'm gonna have to go with Leeland with this one. Kit Kat's are most definitely the best chocolate bar known to man.