Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pix from Malawi

Sorry it's been so long since the last post. We just got home yesterday. It was another thrity something hours of travel! We flew from Malawi to South Africa then to London... then we ran to our plane in Heathrow and almost missed our flight. After that it was another 10 hour flight home... and eventually we made it back to good old Baytown. I'm not going to lie; it was nice eating some Texas food! I definitely missed it. Here's some pictures from our trip! It was absolutely amazing.

A snapshot on the drive from the airport to the hotel. It's so dry... they haven't had one drop of rain since March!

The stage. The Fire Fox choir from Lilongwe was singing. Imagine the most jubilant and celebratory African music ever! It was so fun.

We went to the market and bought tons of little trinkets and such.

Leeland kind of stood out... so he's about to get bumrushed by some aggressive salesman. haha...

Marcus is making deals here.

The next day we went to the Village of Hope Orphanage in Lilongwe.

The kids sang for us.

We met some of the children and heard their stories. This beautiful girl is Esther. She's six months old, and her mother died in child birth. Her father wasn't alive either so the village chief asked one of the elders to kill her. The Village of Hope found out about it and rescued her.

The little girl in the green is Potso. Her parents aren't alive, so her uncle took her in. He couldn't afford to take care of her so he put her out in the trash. But God knew her name and made sure she would be taken care of at the Village of Hope.

We got to give the boys some soccer balls. Mike said it was the best game of soccer he'd ever played.

In just three days we fell in love with the nation of Malawi and the continent of Africa. We can't wait to go back and stay longer. Please be praying for the nation of Malawi. The church is strong and thriving amidst hunger, poverty and devastation. There are over a million orphans roaming the streets. We believe that God will give them a home.



stacy said...

the stories of the orphans are hearbreaking, but it gives me hope to know that they are safe in the Village of Hope =]
thank you guys for going there and sharing God's Word and love with the people there.
May God bless you guys!

p/s Leeland: i can totally relate to you! i have red hair too and i stick out in a crowd like that!

Anonymous said...

Man, I remember going on ya'lls tour bus in Belton Texas,
and hearing a group of african kids singing Sound of Melodies on the Internet (YouTube I think!?)

then Jake saying these words.
"dude, we gotta do a concert there someday!"

well, i am glad things have come to pass,
we miss you guys here in Fredericksburg,
keep spreading the word.
cause we are here!

Come see us all soon!
John Wylie

Paula said...

Wow Jack,
We really have no idea do we?
Thanks so much for sharing the pics and the stories.
I pray those kids will truly know the Lord loves them and He snatched them out of their dire situations!
I was wondering in one of those pictures of mask looking things if they were their gods??
I'm glad you're back home safe and spreading the news about the kids and people of Malaw!
Lord bless you and strengthen you as you 'recover' from your trip! :)
Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

im excited to be following your blog. love the stories. cant wait to worship with you guys at conclave in arlington in october.

Hand Painted By Mona said...

Some of us may never have the opportunity that you have all had on this amazing adventure. I am so proud of you all and want you to know that my prayers continue for your strength, spiritual condition, and mission focus.
Praise the LIVING GOD whom we call JESUS!!!
~Mona, the alto lady in the soulfest choir.

babeMarie225 said...

This is so amazing!! God is truely awesome just by the way he's worked through you guys! =]
I give you props for taking His word and His love and giving it to others!
and ya know? my life long dream is to spend a month in Africa for missions =]

Rebecca said...

that is great guys are an encouragement to us all!!

Songwriter Trudi said...

I really appreciated your stories and pictures from Malawi. I sponsor a child from Malawi through World Vision...her name is Alice and she is nine years old. Anyway, it was inspiring to know you were there where she lives sharing your music and tesimony of Christ. I am hoping maybe Alice was somewhere in the crowd of people who were able to see you.

Thank you for ministering there.

In Christ,
WA State

kristin said...

in 1998 i joined my first over seas mission trip and helped build an orphanage for aids orphans and street children in malawi. i was 14. that rocked my world. since then i have done missions work all over the world and the good ole u-s-of-a. your pics brought back many memories and re-inspired me to keep on going. i hope to return there again someday.

Sarah said...

It is awesome the plans God has for those children. I am glad you guys got to see them first hand.

I totally called the whole Leeland standing out in Africa thing a few posts ago! That probably had to be funny seeing those people's faces when they behold the redest hair they have ever seen.

Hope you are enjoying being home and that you guys all get rested up!

God Bless!


Johana said...

Amazing!! Malawi!
love you guys!!
our excited to be following your blog, Kisses from Chile and Argentina and all fansLatin america
God Bless You!!

Bekka said...

Those orphans are adorable. =] Every time I see pictures of them my heart goes nuts and I wanna see them in person.You guys are one amazing band with some amazing songs.
Also those kids are blessed to be safe which is great.
Oh yeah and I am pale white so i probably would of been noticeable.

Be safe.Much love in Christ.

lauren.mosher said...

oh man oh man oh man. being back from africa for a little bit over a month, my heart wants to be back in tanzania!!! thats weird that malawi hasnt gotten much rain. tanzania has too much of it and they're just north of malawi. strange. but anyways. i think you guys can put a lot of meaning to the phrase "a piece of my heart was left in africa". truth?

Hey Yall... said...

I'm a new-older fan(35). My kids love to sing along with your worship music. Hope to see yall at the NC State fair this year. It's wonderful to see how God is using you guys to call people, young and old, into worship of The True and Living God, Jesus Christ. God Bless. Love the pictures from Africa!

taylor said...

you guys are so awesome! Im praying for you!

Chelsie, Dream Awake. said...

Cute babies!!

(Isn't it weird to be like, one of 10 white people? It's kinda awesome..)

Markets are the BOMB!

Anna said...

oh, you guys that is too cool!
so happy for you!

Bekka said...

I am watching you online while you guys play the harvest crusade. =]♥ ♥

LarrieMichelle said...

It's a blessing to be able to meet the people in 3rd world nations, isn't it? I had the opportunity to visit Sudan in January and it completely blew me away!
The IDP camp broke my heart, but the children there were curious and incredible and the spirit there is unbelievable! The Christians I met there were so on fire for Christ while living side-by-side with strict Muslims. Their courage is so inspiring!
I'd like to visit Malawi some day too, it sounds like you had an amazing experience there and I pray that God has great plans for the future of those orphans!

Allan Bradbury said...

Hi, I'm a MK (Missionary Kid) in Senegal, West Africa where we speak French... The missionaries here have been feeling that God is about to break losse here, and while I was reading this God stirred my heart and told me that what happened that weekend at YC Malawi could happen here and it brings me great assurnace:) thanks for beign Missionaries and aiding to further GOd's kingdom

Natalie said...

This touched my heart tonight when I heard of your work for Christ in Africa. I'm from Zimbabwe and so I know of the poverty and devastating conditions that you experienced.
This is where my heart lies - seeing God's love in action - what a blessing. I would love to get you guys hooked up with doing some work in Harare if at all possible; i'm trying to organise some outreach/relief work there.
Let me know if you'd be interested! Thanks for your ministry.