Monday, August 4, 2008

The Ride of Steel

So... today we rode a few rides. This is the best thing about playing at theme parks. We're all scared to death of rides, but we can't help getting on them again and again. Here's some pix..

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This one was awesome. You sit on tiny little motorcycles. Genius!

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Leeland and Jake found a coon hat and some fire arms.

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Loopty loops are the best!

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The best part is that we had an escort from the park that let us cut in through the exit. No lines!

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Superman: The Ride of Steel.

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He's totally pumped.

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The drop.

Any ways, that was our roller coaster excursion. Also, we just got off stage and the show was amazing tonight. God really showed up and the worship atmosphere was intense.

Thanks for reading. We'll be back again soon. Much love!



Rising Sun said...

gaah! Those pics made me wish I was there even more! haha geez thanks for that. :P
Glad your set went well! Enjoy the rest of your week. Come out this way soon :)

Anonymous said...

hey was that at 6 flags over georgia? i've been there before, it's AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

NICE! I wish I was riding rollar coasters at the moment. MMM I'm doing something better actually at the momment...In Nashville, hanging with buds from our second fav band Satellites and Sirens and The Bass Guitarist of the Phil Joel band, Simon Peter. We are spreading the word and finishing our on the road ministry... It's been real.

Leeland thanks for the free shirts at ALIVE 2008 I know you guys don't remember but much thank and kudos to you guys =]

Johana said...

Leeland!! gracias por agregarnos en sus links!!
este blog lo creamos hace poco! yo me llamo Johana y soy de Chile y mi amiga millaray que es de Argentina!! intentaremos poner toda la informacion de ustedes en espaƱol en el blog espero qe nos dejen su comentarios con respecto a lo que piensan..por que hay muchos fans de ustedes en latinoamerica!!
Dios les bendiga!!your music is amazing!!!

Kimberlyann said...

Whoa!! dude that superman ride looked totaly sweet!!! even tho i would be to chicken to go on it...its still nice to appreciate it! anyways i love your music! it totaly inspires me! thank you sooo much!

thegirlwhocriedlove said...

1st of all I have to say you guys Rock and are awesome and amazing, and I totally met you today at Kingdom Bound and it was great, it totally made my day, can't wait to see you tomorrow!! I might be stalking you because you're like my favorite band.
So the superman, sorry, "Ride of Steel" is a sick coaster, I've been on it about a zillion times and it never gets old, but the funnest way to ride it is to go in the back back seat and turn around and look behind you as your going down the hill, it's insane, I promise.

Samantha plus Dustin said...

Wow those are some neat pictures! That drop for Superman is intense!!!! You brave souls lol. I love Leeland's shoes, they are unique! Also, Mr. New York is my hero lol. Lovin' those youtube videos even though I'm like 6 months late on them.

God bless :)
[spirit west coast Leeland pictures are on it]

Johana said...

Hello boys. We are a group of people from Latin America. A group which abound on the countries. lol
We want to bring your message to Latin America. We love Christ as much as you. I hope we can come to our blog and leave a comment.
we love you sooooo much!
And they're in our prayers, no matter the distance.
God Bless.
Leeland Latinoamerica.

Amy said...

oh..leeland got a hair cut?....sorry it doesnt look like him looked better before!! hope u guys r having fun!

Anna said...

ha! thats awesome, thanks for posting! looks like you are having goofy-fun as usual!!

C.K_Martin said...

Thank you for replying to my post. I've just received news that the conference is from November 6-9. Your appearance is with Teen Mania, yes?
If so, that's great! I've seen you guys before, and God just really spoke to me through your music.
Travel safe and God bless!

David Beavers said...

You guys are having way too much fun. If you want to continue your fun roller coaster adventures, go to Magic Mountain while you are in Anahiem, Ca. next week. I know it will be tempting to go to Disney or Knotts Berry but don't! Spend the time to go just north of LA. Magic Mountain is for the insane coaster fans. You have to try "X". I am sure your schedules can be tight, but it will be worth it.

Keep up on speading the Word through your awesome music.

Bekka said...

You guys are so lucky.I could of gone to six flags but did not make it home it time to sign up so I was depressed which makes the pics of it more blah to me.I really love rollar coasters and getting away from home.Anyways glad you had fun!!!

Bethany Smith said...

Leeland in that coon skin hat is priceless!!! ROTFL!