Thursday, August 7, 2008

Leeland in London! say that 10 times really fast...

I've got to hurry because my computer is running out of battery and we have a plane to catch. We had a 9 hour lay over in London today en route to Africa. Instead of sitting in the terminal all day we decided to explore a little bit.

Here are some pix...

Got on the Heathrow express into london...

We stopped by St. Paul's Cathedral. Probably my favorite place in London. It's been there for 300 years and it's the most amazing thing you've ever seen inside. Unfortunately you can't take pictures in there. :-(

St. Paul's

We had to go see Big Ben. Classic.

Love you guys! Talk to you in Africa. Please be praying for us; we're kind of tired.




Admin said...

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Anonymous said...

hey guys, great to see you have started this blog. hope you all are doing well...check out our "current listening" feature on our blog...hope to see you all again very soon!

Four Days late

Sarah said...

Nice pictures! Looks like you guys are having a blast...:)

Jake looks a little unsure in the Big Ben picture, like he was deciding how to pose.

Well I will be praying for renewed energy and for God to bless the remainder of your travels to Africa. Take a nice nap on the plane over!

God Bless


Johana said...

Hello ...!
we will be praying for you!
Greetings to Mandy, we saw in the photo!
ok, we expect more news.
Have fun!

Bekka said...

Very nice pictures.I hope to go to England some day.But I do know I am going to Vermont,Pensylvania,New York for my senior trip.This means lots of pics!
*Prayin for you.♥

Anonymous said...

Hey I've been there! Not St. Paul's although I really wanted to see it! Big Ben is pretty cool, and the people there, most of them anyway are nice and treat you well, which is a plus! Did you see Westminster Abbey?
It's a very cool trip! Hope you guys have good time in Africa! Play pretty!! May God bless you with the strength and rest to get you through!! "Be still, and know that [He] is God."

Alyssa said...

Praying for you guys from Ohio! Have a great time in Africa and I know God will use you guys to do amazing and wonderful things in his name!

Anna said...

I hope you guys have an AMAZING trip - I wish I had some time to kill in London right now!

Thanks for the pics! Leeland and Mandy look so cute in the first one =)

Anonymous said...

agh, London!!
so amazing! went there last month.
hopefully yall had an amazing time,
which it looks like yall did =]
cant wait to hear from yall in Africa!! =]


Paula said...

Hey!... :)
Maybe you guys should make an album in London and you can name it "Leeland in London"!
I'll be praying for you all.
Please share prayer requests.
You know we'd love to pray for you.
Love you guys!!

Samantha plus Dustin said...

You guys are such troopers! I know that Africa will really love and appreciate your ministry through music--many people their need it! "I'll see the sun one day and watch the night time turn to morning, but for now it all comes back around. And I'm looking for the brighter days. When all my hurts seem to fade away." These words will mean so much to those hurt and struggling in Africa! Be their sun and share the Son with them! I'll continue to pray for safe travels and strength!

God bless!
Your fan in California,

-Samantha Santana

Anna said...

I'm with Paula - you guys should check into making an album in London = )
Livin' n
London - say THAT ten times fast!

boo boo said...

I can't believe you guys were in London! And you didn't tell me!! :( Heheh. Next time you visit... stay... do a gig or ten... be great to see you's live one day.

Enjoy Africa!

CindyB said...

Hi "Leeland in London" (I can't say it 4x). I'm praying for you guys, good rest and more of it. I need rest, too, I can't sleep. Take care and God Bless You!

Laura said...

wow, everyone has short hair!
looks good :)
its so cool wat you guys are doing
very encouraging
God bless
He is our strength and He will faithfully keep your guys goin.
God bless your travels.

Stacie said...

awesome pictures jack! and Leeland and Mandy looked sooooo cute together!!!!! i hope u guys had a safe trip! it sounded like u had a fun time!

God Bless

Alex said...

I have been to London.
I loved it!!!
It is BEAUTIFUL there.
I really want to go back.:)