Monday, September 15, 2008

Vlog 1

Leeland-RoadVlog1 from Jack Mooring on Vimeo.


Rachael said...

Haha Islands of Adventure is awesome... =]] come back next year to RTU.. please. =]]

Rachael said...

Hope all s good back home... Have a safe trip. =]

Anonymous said...

It does my heart good to see the Yamaha C3’s hogin it up on the old soccer fields of Idaho. Mike, you can ride Marks scooter anytime, it’s the red one with sod & dirt decorating the left side! We had a blast, thanks guys

Paula said...

Glad you guys are home!
I pray everything goes well as you move back in.
Love you guys too! :)
(who's old enough be be your Momma LOL)

Marcus Hackler said...

Jack - the video looks so good on Vimeo! Looking forward to many more Vlogging adventures.

Loo said...

Okay... who let Jesus in Universal Studios?!?!? Keep on deliverin' that message of hope guys... you're amazing and in my prayers.
~Loo in MI

Sarah said...

Thanks for the laughs!

I hope you guys had your seatbelts on in the van...I work in a hospital and know what the outcome can be...keep them on!

Praying God continues to bless you guys and keep you safe in your travels! Keep it up with the videos!


Cody Grissom said...

Hope everything is ok at home. You guys are awesome! I can't wait for the concert in Raleigh NC! Only a month and a half away :D.
Best Wishes!
Cody Grissom

Tracy Wilde said...

ha! good times in Idaho playing scooter soccer and lovin' Jesus. thanks for escaping the hurricane to come be with us in Boise. keep us posted on all things Leeland... love the "vlog."

johana said...

Hi! Guys
kisses from Chile!and
God Bless you

cleo said...

Helo brothers, I pray everything goes well as you go back home.
God continues to bless you and your families too. Is so good to see this videos. Here in Brazil we like so much this songs. Thanks!

Anna said...

so, your homes where safe?? I hope so!
I loved the video - thanks! I hope you get some rest =)

Dustin La Mont said...

hey guys! it was a great time hanging with you guys! Marcus uploaded our videos for us to vimeo. You can see them at Let's play more shows soon! Love you guys!

Sara Ann Blass said...

i love yall!
hope yall had a safe trip, and good luck with your church building.
praying for yall :D

Vicky Beeching said...

Brilliant video, guys!


Jessica said...

This post will probably go unread under a pile of fan notes, but it made me so happy to see your video that I just had to post:

To say you guys rock is a total understatement. Your music is wonderful, it sings the song my heart screams to God.

I am so sorry to hear what happened to your church, if I wasn't a poor college student who cant even pay her own car insurance I would help. But I will definitely pray (for your church and the people who lost their homes).

I got your cd when it first came out (before anyone even knew who you were, is it true that David Crowder helped with that?). The lyrics were quick to learn and soon I was bealting out every song. Thank you for sharing your music with the world.

Those scooters were AWESOME! I want one so bad! You guys looked like you were having fun.

Wow, this is long (and it'll be my luck that as soon as I hit send my internet will crash-- if thats the case I'll give up and it'll just be one less piece of fan mail).

I hope God blesses you in the way your music has blessed me.

(saw you guys twice at the gorge in George, WA... keep up the good work)