Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Videos!

Leeland and I have been posting some videos talking about the Opposite Way movement. Here's the newest one! Watch the rest of them here on our YouTube Channel.

And for those of you who missed the live webscast the other night, we've posted the videos for you to see. A big thanks to our friend Marcus Hackler for putting these up.

Visit our Vimeo site for the rest of them!

May Our Praise/Free Worship from Leeland on Vimeo.




Cowgirl said...

Wow. This song brought me to my knees crying. It was SO what I needed, thank you guys. And this isn't the first of your songs that has got crying. Again, thank you.

Skout said...

i love to watch these vids!
i got a chance to watch the first like min. er so of holy holy is the Lord God Almighty. i started to cry, i felt God in your worship. it was amazing!

Paula said...

Excellent! Great explaination of our life in Christ!
Praise the Lord!!!
Love you guys!!

hannahballou said...

I know that I have said this many a time, and you have heard it many a times but thank you. God has truely blessed you and so thank you for giving me the opportunity to sing and dance for God with you!

GcbGirl said...

Thanks sooooo much for posting these you guys... vimeo plays these so well... I've already watched saturday night service like 8-9 times, and I was there, but it was just so great, I keep watching it over and over. God Bless... out church announced that they raised like 5,000$ I think it was for you guys on Saturday... hope it helps you guys! Anyways, thanks again for all you do!


Denise said...

hey, your videos are really great!its nice to think we can find God anywhere and talk to Him, praying all the time for anything we do. i could watch the live and it blessed me so much. thanks for everything, keep on worshipping and sharing God's love and He will keep on using you just as he's doing now. God will raise up a geeration of worshippers like us. i believe it. Thanks. wait for you here, in argetina. love you all.


Kasey said...

Your worship to the Lord is so beautiful!! Thanks for not being just another band!!

Bethany said...

Thanks for posting this Jack! I missed the live show because I was doing something else and lost track of time. You guys have really gotten me through alot this past year. Thanks!

god's servant said...

I can really see God working within you all. Serve Him always! Excellent worship

Anna said...

Heej it's really awesome how you guys worship, i was wondering if you could give me some tips cause last sunday i had to lead the praise and worship and it was ok but i really want to go way higher!!!

by the way you guys are really an inspitation